PAK Army said white lie

PAK Army said white lie, now said- only one Indian pilot in our custody

PAK Army said white lie: Another lie has come out of Pakistan, giving false information by showing old photographs. After retaliation by Indian Jet on the border on Wednesday morning, Pakistan had claimed that there were 2 Indian pilots in his custody. However, in the evening, Pakistani Army spokesman Major General Asif Gafoor himself tweeted saying that he is just a pilot in his custody. It is being reported in the reports that the pilot who was telling India to Pakistan in the hospital wounded, it was a pilot of the Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistani military spokesman Major General Asif Gafoor tweeted, “There is only one pilot in the custody of the Pakistani army. Wing Commander is being treated with congratulations only under military laws. ‘ The spokesperson also shared a picture with this tweet.

MEA told Pak, the pilot should not be harmed(PAK Army said white lie)

Meanwhile, by summoning the Vice-Chancellor of Pakistan, the Indian External Affairs Ministry has clearly said that there should be no loss to the Indian soldier in custody. At the same time, India expressed the hope of a pilot’s early and safe return. Let us tell you that by summoning the Pakistani diplomat on Wednesday evening, India has strongly opposed the aggressive action of Pakistan.(PAK Army said white lie)

India said, ‘It is unfortunate that India followed international rules and bilateral commitments in action against terrorists, but Pakistan tried to take aggressive action against India.’ The MEA further stated that India has strongly objected to Pakistan on the violation of the rules of the International Human Rights Act and the Geneva Convention in the form of rude display of the injured jawans of Indian Air Force.

Earlier, a Pakistani Army spokesman had said while talking to the Pakistan media that there were two pilots in his possession. Significantly, the Indian Foreign Ministry also said that one of its MiG-21 aircraft was crashing and a pilot was missing. On Wednesday morning, Pakistani aircraft had tried to enter India by bombing, in response to which the Indian Air Force killed one of its aircraft.

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