Pak fighter jets

Pak fighter jets, who were passing 10 km of LoC in Poonch, were detected on radar

Pak fighter jets: Indian Air Force radar detected two Pakistani Air Force jets in Poonch sector, which were passing 10 km from the border. According to official sources, Jats’ supersonic boom was heard in the night on the outskirts. After the Pulwama attack, the movement on the Indo-Pak border has increased. Pak is constantly trying to infiltrate into the Indian border through a drone.

Pak infiltrations after air strikes

India had air strikes on Pakistan-based terrorist camps on February 26 after the Pulwama attack. In response, the Pakistani Air Force tried to infiltrate into Indian territory on 27th February, which the Indian Air Force overthrew enemy aircraft.

Indian army kills 7 Burraq UAV

In 2013, Pakistani Air Force had added 45 Burraq UAV. Out of this 7 UAV were sent to the Rajasthan border in the last 12 days. Everyone was killed by the Indian Army. (Pak fighter jets)

Pak violates ceasefire several times

Pakistan’s violation of the seizure on the border continues. Drones are also being sent to the Indian border, which the army is targeting. Its evidence exists in the media reports. India has already made its stand clear that after taking action against terror, she will not be left behind.

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