Pak said – action will be taken on solid evidence; India’s response – the government there is in contact with the head of the Jaish

Pakistan said we will take action on the Pulwama attack, but after seeing the dossier sent by India, Pak’s permanent representative in the United Nations, Malihha Lodhi said on Tuesday that India has sent a dossier, which we are looking at. Only if we get some concrete, we will take action. At the same time, India said that the statement by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi makes it clear that the Pak government is in touch with Jaish-e-Mohammed Chief Masood Azhar. It can not be denied that Masood is the donor of Jaish. India will send it to the list of UN banned terrorists.

No idea of ​​mediation from any country – India(Pulwama)

According to sources, India will continue its operations against the terrorists, according to the news agency ANI. No country has any idea of ​​mediation, India has told the whole world that Indo-Pak action is not an issue, it is a matter of terrorism.

Malihah said – A few days ago, a so called dossier has been given to us from New Delhi. We are looking at it. If there is something concrete in it, on which we need to take any action, we will definitely do that. But if nothing is found, we will not do anything. ‘

He said, “The issue of Kashmir has been going on since the past 70 years, it needs to be presented correctly, otherwise it will be a cause of stress between India and Pakistan.” Earlier, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, had also said that we are prepared for any kind of investigation of this attack and if concrete evidence is received then action will be taken.

One day earlier, the Pakistan media had claimed that India has not provided any evidence against which any action can be taken against Jaish-e-Mohammed or its chief Masood Azhar.
However, on the second day of India’s action on the Pulwama attack, Imran had said in his message to the nation that we are ready to discuss terrorism. He had said that whatever kind of inquiry India wants, we are ready for this too. If India gives any strong evidence, then we will take strong action.

Pak government will control property of organizations(Pulwama)

On Monday, the Pakistani government had ordered the seizing of the assets of all the organizations prohibited by the United Nations Security Council.

According to Dawn’s report, Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal said that now the government will have control over all the assets of the banned organizations. This includes their donations and ambulance service.

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