Pakistan plans to buy 600 tanks

Pakistan plans to buy 600 tanks from Russia, plans to deploy on LoC: Intelligence

Pakistan plans to buy 600 tanks: Pakistan has prepared an ambitious plan from Russia to purchase 600 war tanks including T-90. Its purpose is being told to increase Pakistan’s combat capability on the border with India. Military and intelligence sources reported this on Sunday.

Tank will be 3-4 km range(Pakistan plans to buy 600 tanks)

The Pakistan which will buy the tank, its range will be 3-4 km. Some tanks will be deployed on the Line of Control (LOC), in line with Jammu and Kashmir. In addition to the tank, the Pak Army will also purchase the 150 mm of 245 SP Mike-10 rifles from Italy.

Pakistan plans to buy 600 tanks: According to sources, Pakistan was ready to buy a batch of T-90 tanks from Russia. The T-90 is considered to be the mainstay of the armored regiments of the Indian Army. The decision to buy Pak’s tank shows his intention to build a deep defense relationship with Russia. Since independence, Russia has been India’s largest and most trusted weapon supplier.

For the past few years, Pak has also done joint exercises with Russia besides purchasing weapons. It is a matter of concern for India. According to sources, Pak is preparing for major changes in Sena by 2025. For this, he is preparing to buy 360 tanks all over the world. Apart from this, 220 tanks will be made with the help of China.

The step to increase the armored arm of Pakistan has come at a time when there was a firing in the last one year on the Line of Actual Control in Kashmir. At the same time, India has firmly answered every firefight of the Pak army. The officers say that while on one hand Indian Army is responding to provocative action of Pakistan Army, on the other hand, efforts are made to create conditions of war on behalf of Pakistan.

Indian armored troop is greater than Pak

India has T-90, T-72 and Arjun Tanks. Our army has 71 armored divisions while Pak is close to 51. But Pak is preparing to bridge this gap soon. Pakistan’s 70% tanks have the ability to attack at night, India needs to think about it.

In addition to the T-90, the Pak Army is observing the VT-4 of China and the Opload-P tanks of Ukraine. Pak Army has taken a trial of these two tanks. Pak’s 17 units have China’s T-59 and T-69 tanks. This is 30% of the total tank capacity of Pak. The Pak regiment has al-Jarar (20%) tanks in the regiment. There are also upgraded versions of Ukraine’s T-80UD, T-85UD and T-59s. It is 50% of the total capacity.

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