F-16 aircraft

PAK’s lie came in front, see the debris of F-16 aircraft that India had killed

 F-16 aircraft : Since the failed attempt to attack Indian military installations on Wednesday, Pakistan has been lying on falsehood constantly. Now another lie is exposed that no airline has been dropped in response to the IAF’s response.

The debris of Pakistani aircraft F16 which had entered Indian territory, was found in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The aircraft was struck by the Indian Air Force’s MiG-21 aircraft. The Indian government also confirmed the killing of Pakistan’s aircraft. But Pakistan has denied this fact till now. But the truth is that Pakistan is claiming to be the debris of India’s aircraft, it is a GE F110 engine. Which is mounted in F 16 aircraft.

This proves that Pakistan is lying and the debris is the F16 aircraft which India has killed. F16 fighter aircraft is part of Pakistan’s air force, which it bought from the US.

Surprisingly, yesterday, Pakistan had claimed that it had killed two Indian aircrafts, but later it got overturned. The second crashed was the plane of Pakistan, not of India. Whose debris is now exposed.

F-16 aircraft

Indian Air Force Confirms ( F-16 aircraft )

Even the Indian Air Force has confirmed the debris of F16. On behalf of the Air Force, some pictures of the F16 engine have been released which are similar to the debris. Near the debris, Pakistani officers have also been standing, which is from the Northern Light Infantry.

Expose the lie of the Pakistani media too …

This photo of the debris was shown by the Pakistani media and had said that this aircraft belongs to India. But now their lie has been exposed. Indian Air Force confirmed the debris of F16. Many Pakistani news channels also showed this photo.

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