PM Modi arrives to celebrate Diwali on China border

PM Modi arrives to celebrate Diwali on China border;

The Prime Minister celebrated Diwali with the soldiers of Mahar Regiment in Harshil and dumped them. Together ITBP’s DG was also present.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the Harshil Army camp on the India-China border before going to Kedarnath Dham. Here he celebrated Diwali with the soldiers. He also addressed the jawans and greeted the dignity of his countrymen.

After meeting the Army Chief and the ITBP DG on the base of the Army present at 11 thousand feet, he celebrated Diwali with the soldiers. On the occasion of Diwali, Prime Minister Narendra Modi first sacked Mahar Regiment soldiers and then photographed with them.

Addressing the jawans, the Prime Minister said, “The soldiers engaged in security on the peaks of the hill are increasing the strength of the nation and are engaged in shaping the dreams and future of hundreds of millions of people.” He said that Diwali is the festival of light which spreads goodness and removes fear.

PM Modi arrives to celebrate Diwali on China border;

The Prime Minister said, “The commitment and discipline of the soldiers have a sense of security in the people of the country.” The Prime Minister also told that he is celebrating Diwali with the soldiers since he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Earlier, during his Kailash Mansarovar Yatra last year, the Prime Minister had met the ITBP jawans and spent some time with them. In Harshil, the Prime Minister said that India is moving forward rapidly in the field of defense. At the same time he also told that the government is doing a lot for the good of the former military personnel. It includes the One Rank-One Pension Scheme.

The Prime Minister said that the army of India in the UN peacekeeping mission has applauded the whole world. The work of the Indian Army has been praised everywhere in the world.

Full details of the program

After meeting the soldiers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Kedarnath Dham and performed pooja. After becoming PM, Kedarnath Dham has reached three times. Kedarnath is the first hymn where Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached three times.

For the first time in the Kedar Dham, the Prime Minister spent 2 hours. During this time, he has been closely involved in the reconstruction work going on in Kedarnath. In the photo gallery held there, Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar gave a message to Prime Minister Modi and told him how the rebuilding work has been going on in the Kedar Valley fast since the disaster.

Prime Minister Modi at Kedarnath congratulated the media persons on Diwali, as well as wished them to stay healthy. Modi asked mediapersons that you are satisfied with the works of reconstruction. By saying so much, Prime Minister Modi went downstairs descending down the stairs.

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