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PM Modi attacks on Congress, not country for some people, family and its interests are important

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated National Samar Memorial to the nation in memory of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country after Independence. During this time, when he mentioned the steps taken by his government for the families of the soldiers and the families of the martyrs, the Congress, especially the Nehru-Gandhi family, said a sharp attack. He said that from Bofors to helicopter, all the inquiries reaching the same family are said very much. Accusing the Congress of messing up with the national security of the country, the Prime Minister said that for some people the country is not the first but the family and family interests first.

Congress charges against Rafael

Attacking the Congress, Prime Minister Modi said that he had made the army and the country’s resources their means of earning. He said, “From Bofors to helicopter, all the inquiries reaching the same family are said very much. Now these people are putting the full strength that Rafael aircraft can not come in India. In the next few months, when the country’s first Rafael will fly to the Indian sky, then all his efforts will destroy all the conspiracies.

Country first for us: Modi

In his speech, the Prime Minister specifically mentioned the decisions taken in the interest of the forest and the martyrs’ families, including the approval of the One Rank One Pension, bulletproof jackets for the army and modern military equipment, including procurement of weapons. He said, “To strengthen the country’s army, our government is equipped with modern military equipment and weapons.” Deals which have been halted for decades have been given priority. Recently, the government has ordered the purchase of 72 thousand modern rifles. 25 thousand crores of ammunition was purchased in mission mode.

The Prime Minister said, “How big was being done with the security of the country, in the year 2009, the army had demanded 1,86,000 bullet proof jackets.” Five years have passed since 2009 to 2014, but the bulletproof jacket for the army has not been purchased. This is our only government which has bought more than 2 lakh 30 thousand bullet proof jackets in the last four and a half years.

War on Congress – country for them, family first

Prime Minister Modi attacked the Congress and said that for some people his family is bigger than the country. PM Modi said, “It is a matter of strengthening the army or respecting the martyrs, some people have a larger family than the country, the family has the interest. Today the country is going to meet the National Samar Memorial, but it was also the story of the National Police Memorial. Our government got the good fortune to make this memorial too. The file of Police Memorial was stuck after Atal Ji’s government went. ‘

The PM further said, ‘Why was this behavior done with our heroes, along with the martyrs? Why is this kind of injustice done with the martyrs’ families, with the superheroes who dedicated themselves to the country? India First or Family First? The difference between India First and Family First is the answer. From school to hospital, ranging from highway to airport, from stadium to everywhere, the name of the same family is coming. So after coming to government we got involved in changing the situation. Whether it is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, whether Sardar Patel or Baba Saheb Ambedkar … we started honoring him.

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‘Modi should not be remembered, heroes should be immortal'( National Samar Memorial )

Prime Minister Modi said that it is not important for the country, but the country’s civilization and its history are important. He said, “I believe it is clear that Modi is not important, but the country’s civilization, culture and history are at the top. Modi should not be remembered, but the sacrifices, asceticism, dedication, bravery and celibacy of millions of crores of people in this country must be of Aajar-Amar.

‘It makes us impossible to make possible’- ( National Samar Memorial )

Prime Minister Modi citing decades of delay in making war memorial and police memorial, said that his government can make the impossible possible. He said, “Many steps have been taken in four and a half years to make life easier for families of former soldiers and martyrs. A government is in front of you that makes it impossible to make it possible. The country’s security, the progress of the country, the development of the country. These goals for me are so sacred that I am ready to fight every hardship, every conspiracy, every balloon I have come in. ”

While saluting the martyrs, Prime Minister Modi said, ‘Even if for living, even for the country, even for the country, even for the tricolor and even die, I bow to such heroic worshipers.’

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