PM Modi direct challenge to Mamata

PM Modi direct challenge to Mamata, today in Bengal, my rally

PM Modi has given a direct challenge to the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the violent incidents that took place during the Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal. While addressing the rallies in Mau and Chandauli of UP on Thursday, he said that today my rally in West Bengal once again. We see whether sister lets me hold my rally there or not. Let me tell you that on Tuesday, Amit Shah was attacked during road show. Meanwhile, the workers of TMC and BJP are blaming each other for breaking the image of social reformer Ishwar Chandragyasagar.

PM Modi said, “A few months ago, TMC had spread chaos in my rally in western Medinipur. After this, this condition was made in Thakurnagar that I had to withdraw from the forum leaving my address in the middle. Today is my rally in Dum Dum, see if sister does not allow this rally.

Not only that, PM Modi accused TMC of blaming the image of social reformer Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. He said that the goons of TMC broke the statue of Lord Chandra Vidyasagar. Those who do this should be punished with harsh punishment.(PM Modi direct challenge to Mamata)

PM Modi said that our government, dedicated to the vision of Vidyasagar ji, will establish a grand statue of Panchdhat at that place. Earlier, BJP chief Amit Shah said that the Trinamool Congress has done so far to stop our 70 rallies.

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