Modi in Jalpaiguri

PM Modi from Jalpaiguri, Attack on Mamata, Say- CM is sister but Dadagiri is someone else’s

Modi in Jalpaiguri: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the target of targeting the Left, including the TMC, Congress in Jalpaiguri in West Bengal. He took out his tea-house connection from North Bengal and attacked Mamta Banerjee. The PM said, “As soon as talking about tea, I also have a question about why the sister is so irritated with the tea guests.”

After the Kolkata Police vs. CBI dispute, once again Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Mamta Banerjee’s stronghold in West Bengal on Friday. While addressing a rally in Jalpaiguri, Prime Minister Modi targeted the Congress, Trinamool including all the Leftmen. PM Modi, while targeting the Mamata Banerjee, said that today there is a Chief Minister in West Bengal who is involved with the hard work of the poor and the pi-pi looters.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “In West Bengal, whom you gave power in the name of Mother, Mati, Manush, gave them the responsibility of getting freedom from the mischief of the communists. He has made the same political culture of bloodshed. Today the situation is West Bengal’s Chief Minister, but Dadagiri is running somebody else. Governments are running the TMC’s wake and assembly.

In the name of all the schemes of the government of TMC, intermediaries have the rights, brokers have the rights. Sister is upset to go to Delhi, has left Bengal’s poor and middle class to loot the Syndicate coalition. Not only that, the Prime Minister fiercely attacked Mamta Banerjee for defending the Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, accused of erasing evidence in the Chitfund scam.

PM Modi takes on Triple divorce

Narendra Modi said, ‘All the people today are suffering from Modi who is completely corrupt.’ Following the Congress-led statement on triple divorce, Modi said that, “Congress, which lies on women’s rights, has kept its real truth in front of the country.” The extent to which Congress can go for appeasement He has told it again tomorrow. The Congress has now openly said that it opposes the law being made on three divorces. He said, ‘I want to give assurance to all the Muslim sisters and daughters of the country that three divorce laws will not be allowed to be removed. BJP is fully committed for women’s rights, for justice. ‘

In the Jalpaiguri, PM Modi said, “In the time of Rajiv Gandhi, the mistake that the Congress made in the Shah Bano case has now done the same crime. He has forgotten how many Muslim women suffering from three divorces have to undergo a lot of bad times, how many calamities have to go through.

PM Narendra Modi spoke on Mamta’s dharane(Modi in Jalpaiguri)

Modi said, “The Bharatiya Janata Party workers are ready to fight against this Nizamuddin. For the first time in the history of the country it has been seen that a Chief Minister should sit on day-to-day holding of thousands of poor people in favor of the robbers, to protect the robbers, to protect those who are destroying the poor. He said, ‘I have come to give every family the confidence of Saradha, Narda, Rajwali thug, that the watchmen will not leave them. Whether it is a robber or guardian of robbers, nobody will be left. ‘

‘Why is so annoying sister to tea?’

In the Mamta Banerjee stronghold PM Modi said, “I have a special relationship with North Bengal and this relation also knows you, this relation is a relationship of tea. You are a tea grower and I am a tea maker. The tea here drinks country and world with great passion. While talking about tea, I also have a question in my mind that why is that sister so irritated with the tea-house? ‘

‘Mamata did bad things to the goddess, forced man to do’

Modi said, “What is being treated with Siliguri Municipal Corporation. How much has the status of law and order in North Bengal These industries were not developed. Youth are forced to flee. Irrigation projects are hanging. Despite creating such a situation, they do not care. The Mamta Government of West Bengal has defamed Moti and forced the man, who was known for the art and culture of West Bengal, is in denial of violence and anti-democratic methods in the country and the world, is being defamed. . ‘

‘Bengal is known for three-t’*(Modi in Jalpaiguri)

In Jalpaiguri the PM said, ‘Sathiyo, it is our Jalpaiguri, it is well known for North Bengal 3-T. T (tea), timber and tourism … these three have had to be a victim of ridicule, whether there is a communist government in Kolkata or a communist part-II that is the government of TMC. The balanced development of this entire area has never been noticed. For the central government of NDA, it is also a policy for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the policy is also there. This is the reason, our government has opened the closed villages here. The workers in the tea gardens have opened accounts in the bank.

PM Modi’s attack on Left, Congress including TMC

In the Jalpaiguri, PM Modi said, “Today is your decades old and a demand has been fulfilled. The Jalpaiguri bench of Kolkata High Court was inaugurated a little earlier. This bench is an example of whether the Congress should be Trinamool Congress (TMC) or the Left is nothing to do with your problems. For the bench which you have received today, the Calcutta High Court took the first step about 20 years ago. 13-14 years old

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