PM Modi in Silchar in Assam

PM Modi in Silchar in Assam-NRC will not leave any Indian citizen

PM Modi in Silchar in Assam: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Silchar in Assam and is addressing the public meeting here. Prime Minister Modi is blaming the Lok Sabha elections in the North-East through this public meeting. A large number of people have arrived in PM Modi’s rally. While addressing the rally, PM Modi said that the figures here have made big contributions to the country.

In Silchar, he said, “BJP had no existence in Assam, but the people here supported full support of BJP and its allies in the Zilla Parishad, which I express my gratitude.” PM Modi said, ‘The debt of your love is up to me. I will not leave any stone unturned for development. ‘ He said that after becoming the BJP government, I have come here 16 times as the Prime Minister. Earlier, the Prime Minister from Assam did not even come He said that the BJP government also takes big decisions and takes tough decisions. He said that I have come to assure you that no Indian citizen will leave the NRC.

Addressing the public meeting, Modi said that during the process of the National Register of Citizens of India (NRC) you have suffered a lot of problems, which I have realized. He said that the Sonowal government is engaged in fulfilling NRC despite all the challenges. He said that we also urged the Supreme Court to simplify the process of NRC. He said that the Citizenship Amendment Bill has been brought. I hope this bill will soon pass from Parliament and the interests of all those who have faith in Bharat Mata will be protected.

NRC will not leave any Indian citizen

While addressing the public meeting, Modi said that you made the BJP government by failing all the conspiracies. I am sorry that some political parties have not found the feelings of the people of Assam. He said that there can not be a compromise with the unity and sovereignty of the country in our lifetime. Assam is not just a terrain but is full of immense possibilities and cultures. The security, respect and prosperity of its citizens for the Government of India is paramount. The government is committed to the development and development of everyone.

Addressing the people in Silchar, Modi said that for the benefit of the people here, the Government has amended and implemented the clause no. 6 of Assam Accord. It was hanging for 30-35 years. He said, ‘Our government is also moving forward on the Citizens’ Amendment Bill. This bill is linked to feelings and people’s lives. If anywhere around the world, any son and daughter who have faith in Mother Bharti will be tortured, then where will she go? Will the color of his passport be seen? Is there no relation with blood? ‘(PM Modi in Silchar in Assam)

He said that for us our country is above the power and citizens are here. Our effort is to make the life of the people of the country easier. Develop all and meet young aspirations of new India. Our government is working in this direction. We are engaged in the development of New India Infrastructure. There is also the North-Eastern leadership.

PM Modi in Silchar in Assam

During this time PM Modi counted the achievements of his government. He said that earlier 40 percent of Assam’s households had gas cylinders, but now this number has doubled. Accounts of the people of Assam who were working in tea plantation were opened. During this, PM Modi, speaking on the Congress, said that the Congress government had made every business a broker. Referring to Michelle Christian, PM Modi said that in the case of the chopper scam, a middleman has been taken from the country and taken to foreign countries. That politician is now exposing. He pointed to the Congress and said that as soon as Rajendra Mitchell brought the government, the Congress lawyer reached the rescue.

Addressing the public meeting, he said that ever since Rajendra Mitchell has been brought back, the name of the Congress nominee has gone a long way since then. Their eyes are torn up and are talking non-venom. He said that due to the janitor today people are upset. The watchman is standing firmly, due to which the corruption and the rajadars are facing problems. He said that as many politicians are roaming abroad, they will be brought back and Raj will be sprayed.

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PM Modi in Silchar in Assam: PM Modi said, “From here, to the east and south Asia, our business and business will get strength, open new ways of public relations. In this direction, we are working with speed. We are doing our best to ensure that every citizen here is employed and everybody should develop. ”

Earlier, in Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a program in Manipur. At the same time, BJP’s Assam unit president Ranjit Kumar Das told that the Silchar rally is part of the first phase of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election campaign in the whole country. In Assam, BJP wants to win at least 11 of the 14 Lok Sabha seats.


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