PM Narendra Modi rally in Gurdaspur

PM Narendra Modi rally in Gurdaspur, who has a history of killing of sikh siblings, Punjab will have to avoid them

PM Narendra Modi rally in Gurdaspur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed at the Congress. He said that the history of the killing of thousands of Sikh brothers and sisters who have been awarded the Chief Minister’s post and who accused the accused of the riots for the Chief Minister’s post. The Punjab will have to avoid them.

Addressing a rally in Gurdaspur in Punjab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has targeted the Congress very much. He said that Congress is only doing politics of lies and fraud. Their history is fluttering with national security and they are still spreading lies to weaken the army, even today Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai are opposing. The history of the murder of thousands of Sikh brothers and sisters who have been given the prize for the Chief Minister’s post to the accused of the riots. The Punjab will have to avoid them.(PM Narendra Modi rally in Gurdaspur)

He said that Akali Dal and BJP are working on shoulder to shoulder and are working for the development of Punjab. Our government is involved in strengthening the country. Gurdaspur is the land of Baba Nanak. On the 550th birth anniversary of Gurunanak ji, the world will be transported to the corner. Apart from all the states of the country, celebrations will be organized around the world.

PM Narendra Modi rally in Gurdaspur,

Their associated pilgrimages could be unrestricted. Attempts are being made for this. Seven decades ago we were removed from that holy place. The government of that time could not keep this holy shrine of faith with him. Given the spirit of the country, the NDA government has taken a historic decision to make the Kartarpur Corridor.

PM Modi said that Congress is stoking the farmers with false promises. Due to the debt waiver, the farmers have relied on Congress in 2009. The punishment of that trust is still being given to farmers. In 2008-09, there was a loan of Rs 6 lakh crore on farmers. Congress waived debt of only 60 thousand crore. In Punjab, the situation of Congress is the same.

During the assembly elections, Congress had promised that the debt of 10 thousand crore will be forgiven, but what is the truth after one and a half years? The Congress is convinced that she has waived only 3400 crores of debt. The Congress has cheated the country like Garibi Hatao slogan, now is cheating on the name of debt waiver.

During his rally, PM Modi mentioned many schemes being run by the NDA government. He said that we are working to double the income of farmers till 2022.

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