Mission Shakti

PM Narendra Modi said, India became a superpower in space, the satellite killed 300 kilometers away, ‘Mission Shakti’ ran for 3 minutes

Mission Shakti: PM Narendra Modi has told the countrymen that India has killed a satellite in Lo Money Orbit while achieving great success in space. The mission to kill the satellite at 300 kilometers in space was named ‘Mission Shakti’. With the success of this campaign, India has become the fourth space superpower in the world, which also has the battle capability in space. Giving details of this campaign, PM Narendra Modi said, “Shortly before, India has achieved an unprecedented achievement. India has entered the world as a space superpower. So far this was the achievement of America, Russia and China. Now India is the fourth country to achieve this capability. ‘

PM Modi said, just three minutes completed operation

PM Narendra Modi said, “Shortly before, our scientists killed a satellite in ‘Lo Earth Orbit’ 300 kilometers away. This operation was completed in just three minutes. This operation, called ‘Mission Shakti’, was extremely difficult, with a very high degree of technical ability.

‘Pride of scientists who increase the value of the country’

It is a matter of pride for all Indians. This feat has been done by the Indian-ready A-SAT missile. I congratulate all the people associated with this campaign. Today again they have increased the value of the country. We are proud of our scientists. The benefits of our satellites are available to everyone. In the coming days, they have to use and increase their importance. In this way their safety is also very important.

Mission Shakti-‘Our operation is not against anybody in the world’

PM Narendra Modi said, “Today’s trial does not violate any kind of international law or treaty agreements. We want to use it for the safety and peace of 130 million people. Our strategic objective is to maintain peace instead of maintaining the atmosphere of war. ‘ PM Modi said that today’s move is an important step for future security. Today’s success should be seen as an increasing step for a safe and peaceful nation in the coming days. It is necessary that we go ahead and prepare ourselves for future challenges.

It is noteworthy that PM Narendra Modi had given information about the issue of issuing an important message in a few minutes by tweeting around 11:30 am on Wednesday morning. They had told that they would bring important messages between 11:45 to 12:00 in the morning. PM Modi tweeted, “I will issue an important message to the country between 11:45 and 12:00 p.m. You see on television, radio and social media. PM Narendra Modi had a meeting with the cabinet committee of security affairs and his cabinet colleagues before issuing messages to the countrymen.

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