Baba Kedarnath

PM walks half-a-kilometer to see Baba Kedarnath

Baba Kedarnath: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be involved in several programs after Kedarnath’s Jalabhishek They will also launch several projects in Kedarnath.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Kedarnath after celebrating Diwali with the soldiers in Harshil of Uttarakhand. After landing down the helipad, he fixed the way for half a kilometer and reached Baba Kedarnath temple and offered prayers. They took stock of construction works. This is his third visit to becoming Prime Minister. From the last two times, he was doing Rudra-bhisak. This time he did Jalabhishek. When he came out of the temple, he bowed down to Nandi. They started the orbiting the temple. They are orbiting the temple wearing garlands in the neck.

The Prime Minister will celebrate Diwali too here. Earlier, before converting to Dehradun he tweeted people to congratulate Diwali. The PM wrote in a tweet, “Diwali brought prosperity and prosperity in the lives of people.”

(PM walks half-a-kilometer to see Baba Kedarnath)

Cabinet Minister Prakash Pant, Dhan Singh Rawat, BJP State President Ajay Bhatt and Acharya Balkishan welcomed the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will also take a new look at Kedarnath which is designed for Parikrama so that devotees can revolve conveniently in the future. 102 pandis have been made from the confluence of the Mandakini river, from which there is a grand view of Baba Kedarnath

Meanwhile, the PM will take stock of the reconstruction work of Kedarnath Dham. Many projects will also be released. These projects include the way to the temple, the Ghat on the Mandakini river and the house for the priests. Simultaneously, the Prime Minister will also lay the foundation for the ambitious Samadhi of Shankaracharya near the Kedarnath temple. Before the opening of the blanket with this visit of PM, the construction work being progressed there.

Given the prime minister’s visit to Kedarnath here, there has been a lot of preparations. Many new works have been made here, so that devotees coming to visit Baba Kedarnath have the facilities. A meditation cave has been built at the height of 400 meters from Kedarnath temple in which people can meditate. Prime Minister Modi is not the official program to go here but they will definitely see him from a distance.

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The main axis at the mouth of Mandakini and Saraswati rivers has been constructed which the Prime Minister will see. The prime minister has a special focus on the reconstruction of Kedarpuri. They often take stock of construction work through video conferencing.

Narendra Modi’s third Kedarnath tour after becoming Prime Minister in 2014.

Prior to this, the Prime Minister reached Hilsil of Uttarakhand on the Indo-China border and along with the soldiers celebrated Diwali. PM celebrates Diwali with soldiers on Nellogg’s post 2 Mahar met the soldiers of the regiment.

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat along with PM Modi was also present. ITBP’s DG SS Deswal was also with him. With the soldiers of the Mahar Regiment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi first dumped them and after that he also photographed with them. The Prime Minister also inquired about the defense preparedness. Talk about the Army’s infrastructure too.

Last month, Chief Secretary Utl Kumar and Director General of Police Anil Routaudi took stock of the ongoing construction work in Kedarnath Dham and PM Modi’s tour. Earlier, the PM reviewed the ongoing reconstruction of Kedarnath from video conferencing several times. Prime Minister Modi will also see the construction of new roads, which reach the main temple, more than two and a half times greater than the size of the old patrol. Along with this, the release of rebuilding works including the Ghat on the Mandakini and Saraswati rivers, which were wreaking havoc in the calamity of the year 2013.

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