PM big attack in Parliament

PM’s big attack in Parliament, told to the general body of opposition, ‘Mahamalavata’

PM big attack in Parliament: Thanking the President’s address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a series of strikes on the Opposition in the Lok Sabha. They compared the 55 years of Congress and 55 months of development of its government, answering every allegation of the opposition. How did he tarnish the great alliance’s efforts as ‘Mahamilavata’?

PM Modi said that after 30 years in 2014, the people of the country gave the full majority government and today the country has experienced what the adulterated government was and what the government of the absolute majority meant. They said, “The maternity leave you saw in Kolkata, but in Kerala these people will not be able to see each other’s faces, watch the game of maternity leave in UP, have been thrown out.

Predicting the opposition coalition, right before the election, PM Modi said that the country has seen the situation of adulteration for 30 years. He said that the Healthy Democrats are now living away from Mahilavalav.

‘I think that is the year of election'(PM big attack in Parliament)

The PM said, “Our government’s identity is for honesty, transparency, condolences for the poor, keeping the nation’s paramount importance, acting on corruption and working at a faster pace.” Expressing gratitude to the members of the House, the PM quipped, “By the way, there are some baseless things, but I believe this is the year of elections and because of this there is a compulsion and nothing has to be said. It is also true that after going from here we are going to give our account to the public. I wish you all good luck in the upcoming elections.

PM says challenges are giving challenges

Prime Minister Modi said, “Those who talk of hope and faith can only do something. The crying person gets 5-10 people. He said, “Swami Vivekananda had said that all the times we had to pass in the past were all necessary because the future of destruction came from the future, the future is coming to India, it has germinated. That giant tree has started growing. ‘ The PM said that while challenging the challenges, we are busy in fulfilling the aspirations of the common man.

Congress on BC, AD Dang

On Congress, Modi tweeted, “When we talk about history, we talk about the years 1947 to 2014. I think BC (Before Congress) means nothing in this country before the Congress and AD means for them – After Dynasty, i.e. whatever happened happened in his tenure. What was happening four and a half years ago and what is today, all looks. ‘

While blaming the Opposition, the PM said that India had been 10-11th economy four and a half years ago and today it has reached number 6. At that time, proud of reaching number 11, I can not understand why he is suffering on reaching 6. Simultaneously, the PM mentioned the new voters and said that I welcome hundreds of millions of youth from the 21st Century who are going to vote for the first time for parliamentary elections. They are going to be a part of the policymaking process, so I congratulate them.

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