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Rahul promised to send the watchman to jail

Political news india: As discussed in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, ‘watchman’ is catching up fast, the government and opposition are also using it in their own way. In this episode, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has taken a fresh attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party. He has repeatedly reiterated the slogan of ‘watchman is thief’ that after the election, ‘theft’ will be investigated and ‘watchman’ will be in jail.

Rahul was addressing a public meeting in Nagpur on Thursday. During this, he said, ‘There is no watchman outside the house of a laborer, but there are thousands of janitors outside Anil Ambani’s house. To make a pirate watch. ‘ He further said, “No small fat stolen. I am telling you that after the election the inquiry will be done and there will be another janitor in jail. There are other janitors outside the jail. ‘

Rahul’s claim, Parrikar was aware of corruption

During this, Rahul also claimed former Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar to know about corruption in the Rafael deal. In a rally, he alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a change in the fighter aircraft purchase deal, due to which the price was increased. He said, “The document of the Ministry of Defense tells that Narendra Modi changed the original deal and bought an aircraft for Rs 1600 crore.”

‘Anil does not have money, yet the biggest defense contract’

Targeting Anil Ambani on the Rafael issue, Gandhi said that the industrialist has no specialization in defense production, his business failed and he did not have the money, yet he got the ‘biggest defense contract’. He said that the ambitious ‘justice’ scheme was finalized only after discussions with the experts.

PM ‘lying in haste’ PM- (political news india)

Rahul told PM Narendra Modi as ‘old age’ and said that he lives in haste. He said, ‘I want to build a strong relationship with you, which lasted for a long time. I will not lie. Modi’s age has come and he is in haste. That is why he is lying. ‘ The Congress President said that his party works, while BJP only promises ‘hollow’.

Congress ‘Surgical Strike on Poverty’

Congress has made an election promise of minimum income scheme and Rahul said that all economists have told them that the scheme for depositing up to Rs 6000 per month in the bank accounts of the poor people should be implemented without harming the country’s economy. May be. Rahul said, “The justice scheme is a surgical strike of the Congress on poverty. Every citizen should get at least Rs. 12,000 a month. He said that if Congress comes to power, its government will provide sufficient amount for this scheme.

‘PM Tell Corruption, Unemployment, What To Do On Agriculture’

Rahul said that the problems of corruption, unemployment and farmers are important issues in this election and Modi should tell them what they did in the last five years to deal with them. Rahul reiterated the challenge that Modi, on the corruption, economy and national security, had a 15-minute open debate with him. Unemployment in the country has reached the highest level in 45 years due to the wrong policies of the central government.

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