Preparation of counterattack on Raphael

Preparation of counterattack on Rafale, Modi government may keep CAG report in Parliament

Preparation of counterattack on Rafale: The Center and the Opposition are face-to-face for the last few months regarding the Rafale fighter aircraft deal with France. Where the opposition is trying to encompass the government by making it an issue, then the government has been rejecting all allegations. It is being reported that the central government can keep the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) related to Raphael on the table of Parliament in the budget session. The government has already answered the questions of the CAG in connection with the defense deal.

Earlier, the Right to Information Act had sought the details of the audit of the CAG on the Rafale Aircraft deal. But the CAG then refused to give this information and said that the process of audit has not been completed in this case and it will be a privilege to inform the information before it is kept before the Parliament.

Let us say that in the Supreme Court many petitions were filed for the investigation of the alleged disturbances in the Rafale Deal. Dismissing the court, the court had said that the procedure in the deal dealings has been followed properly, so there is no need to investigate it. However, in a statement made in its order, the court said that Rafale’s price distribution has been shared with the CAG and the CAG report was examined by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament (Fasi). Only one part of the report was placed before the Parliament and it is in the public domain. A controversy over the remarks of the Supreme Court has arisen.

Preparation of counterattack on Rafale

After that, Congress President Rahul Gandhi made a press conference with the leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party and President of PAC Mallikarjun Kharge, who said that the CAG report which was mentioned in the order of the court had come to PAC. The Congress accused the government of misguiding the court on this issue.

However, later the government’s appeal to the court’s order in relation to the CAG report was appealed for improvement. On behalf of the government, it was said that it did not say that the CAG report was investigated by the PAC or an excerpt of it was placed before the Parliament. The government said in its explanation that the note said that the government has already shared price details with the CAG.(Preparation of counterattack on Rafale)

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