Modi in Patna rally

Prime Minister Modi attacked the opposition parties in the election rally in Patna.

PM Modi in Patna rally: I am working day to day to bring India up in the world and they are working to remove me.

Try to understand things today. They say – Come together to eliminate Modi and Modi says – Come together to end terrorism: PM Modi

On my say, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia left 850 Indian prisoners lodged in the jail there. I thank Saudi for this: PM Modi

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia came to India We were talking during the meal. I told them that the country is progressing rapidly, in the same way people develop new desires in the same way. Huge quota extended to 2 lakhs on my request: PM Modi

New India is moving ahead with new policies. Hindustan does not remain silent on the death of his soldiers, he chooses to take revenge: PM Modi

At the time when the action was being taken against the terrorists, 21 opposition parties were passing the motion of condemnation: PM Modi

When our army is taking action against terrorists inside and outside the country, then some people are doing such work, thereby making peace with Pakistan’s TV channels. These people are demanding proof of action on the terrorists. Force morale is being dropped: PM Modi

The speed of the works started by the Atalji government were reduced after the government which was led by the Congress. Nitishji himself is his witness. Components of Mahamalavata win for their selfish interests, they do not care about the country: PM Modi

Modi said in patna rally:PM Modi in Patna rally

If there was a MahaMalavata government in the country, there would be no work for the poor and there was no development. Their tendency is to develop themselves: PM Modi

The number of achievements I have counted is only possible when we gave you a good majority. The time required by 2019 was to meet the needs and the time to move the country to a new height in the 21st Century: PM Modi (in the Patna Resolution Rally)

Here the widening of the National Highway to the streets of the villages and cities. Those old bridges are being improved, new flyovers are being constructed. Old railway system has been improved, they are being electrified: PM Modi

In front of those who look bad on the country, this chowkidar stands as a wall. Whatever decisions are to be taken in the interest of the deprived, exploited and middle class of the country, they are being taken on the wounds of Danke and will be done further: PM Modi

PM Modi in Patna rally:

What is the name of the fodder, the people of Bihar know very well. Now the scheme of freeing the middleman from the NDA government has started your watchman: PM Modi (in the Patna resolution resolution)

Efforts are being made to resume the entrepreneurs in Bihar. The biggest scheme for our farmers has landed on the ground. It will benefit about 12 crore farmers of Bihar including nearly 15 million farmers of Bihar: PM Modi

You are seeing all of the new colors in Patna Railway Junction. Air travel is being made easy and cheap along with road and rail. Patna Airport has been expanded and modernized. Work is being done to connect Bihar with the localities through the Ganga: PM Modi

modi’s attack on opposition in patna rally: PM Modi in Patna rally

Metro is coming in Patna, trains will run with CNG gas and gas is being supplied with pipe in the house: PM Modi

I am happy to see how a man like Nitish Babu has taken Bihar from the old days. The whole NDA has done a great job for Nitish and Sushilji’s duo: PM Modi

I bow to Bindeshwari Pathak for Bihar for the Gandhi Peace Prize, he carried forward the message of Bapu’s cleanliness: PM Modi

I bow to all the martyrs of Bihar including Shaheed Pintu Kumar, Shaheed Sanjay Sinha and Ratan Thakur in Pulwama: PM Modi

Every area is growing, every area is growing. Center gives 10% reservation to upper castes: Nitish Kumar

The road has become a village-village. In Bihar it could not have imagined that people living in the village would also get tap water. We have made it possible. Toilets will be made in every house of the state till October 2, 2019: Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar

In the five-year tenure, the honorable PM Modi Narendra Modi has done, his people always discuss. Free LPG connections to the poor, getting free treatment up to 5 lakhs is not a minor matter: Nitish Kumar, CM Bihar

I assure the Prime Minister that the birth anniversary of Bapu will complete the construction of toilets in the house-to-house till October 2: Nitish Kumar

The Central Government is doing a lot of collaboration in development works in Bihar, I thank the central government for this: Nitish Kumar

I congratulate Wing Commander Abhinandan. The fight against terrorism will continue: Nitish Kumar, CM Bihar

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Whatever happened now and whatever terrorists did and in which our soldiers were martyred, the central government gave the responsibility to the army and the country united against the terrorists, I salute the army of the country for him: Nitish Kumar, CM Bihar

PM’s chest is 56 inches, not 156 inches. On the other hand, our army was eliminating the enemy and at that time the PM was meeting the people in the metro: Ram Vilas Paswan

In 5 years, PM took the honor and dignity of the country upside down. After the incident of Pulwama, the way they worked and worked to shield the terrorists’ base, you did the work of honoring the people: Ram Vilas Paswan

Election rally in Patna: PM Modi in Patna rally

PM washed the feet of the clean staff first by bathing in Aquarius. The manner in which they were washing the feet, we had tears in our eyes: Ram Vilas Paswan

Today, we are happy that the work that was not done in 70 years, you (PM) has done it in 5 years. You have raised the level of life of millions of poor in 5 years through various schemes: Ram Vilas Paswan

I welcome PM Modi on the land of Bihar, land of Buddha-Mahavir, on the land of Karpuri Thakur-Bhikari Thakur: Ram Vilas Paswan, Union Minister and LJP Chief

I welcome, the Prime Minister who knows the war also knows peace. Who also wins the Sol Peace Prize, takes revenge for the Pulwama. 10 jackals can not compete with one lion: Sushil Modi (in a resolution rally in Patna)

Patna rally is present on the stage, PM Narendra Modi, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan.

PM Modi arrives in Patna, will address the rally in a little while.

Ten years later, it is going to happen when PM Modi and Nitish look together on a political platform.


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