Narendra Modi in New Year interview

Learn the reality of every major claim of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year’s first interview.

Narendra Modi in New Year interview: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a new year interview. He indicated the political direction of the government for this Lok Sabha election before its election. The Prime Minister answered more than 40 questions. Meanwhile, PM Modi made many claims about his achievements. Let’s know, the reality of their every claim …

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a signal to the political direction of the government for the first time in the 95-minute interview given to the news agency ANI on the first day of 2019 before the Lok Sabha elections. The Prime Minister answered more than 40 questions. They included surgical problems, problems ranging from farmers’ problems to Ram temple. PM Modi made several claims about the achievements of his government in the past 4 years and 7 months. The INDIA TODAY FACT check team tried to know the reality of such five claims made by the Prime Minister. Let’s know the reality of PM Modi’s claims …

1. Claim – After the launch of Ayushman Bharat Scheme, six to seven lakh people got medical benefits under the first 100 days.

What he said – ‘Today the Government gives the facility to the poor person up to five lakh rupees. Ayushman Bharat Scheme has not been done for 100 days, and about 6-7 lakh people took advantage of it.

The Fact-Modi flagship program ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana’ (AB-PMJAY) was publicized as the world’s largest government-aided health-security program. The 100 days that began the program on January 1, 2019 It is true that more than six lakh people have benefited from this scheme so far.

According to the official PMJAY website 5 lakh 55 thousand 387 beneficiaries were recruited in various hospitals till December 10 under the scheme. On January 1, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wrote on his Facebook page that 6.85 lakh patients were provided treatment for the hospital under this scheme. Tweeted Jaitley’s Facebook Post to Ayushman India’s official hand @AyushmanNHA

(Narendra Modi in New Year interview)

2. Claim– When BJP came to power, 18,000 villages of the country were yet to get electricity. Now the electricity has reached all those villages.
What PM Modi said- ‘Our country has been free for so many years, and when I came, 18 thousand villages were like this, where there was no electricity. In 2018, the work of getting electricity in all these villages was completed. What is this success? ‘

Claim – According to a release from the Press Information Bureau (PIB) ( on July 19, 2018 all 18 thousand villages had reached power. According to the government, Leish village of Manipur was the last village in the country, where electricity was to reach. When Modi came to power, in the 96% of the country’s villages, electricity had already been reached. But the power of reaching the village does not mean that electricity has reached all the houses of that village.

Narendra Modi in New Year interview

According to the definition of government, a village is considered as ‘electrified’, when the power cable from the grid reaches the transformer of the village and 10% of the village houses, as well as public places such as schools and health centers are also attached to it.

3. The claim – banquet was not an unwanted blow. When Manmohan Singh started economic reforms in 1991 as finance minister, then the rate of GDP fell below 2%.

What did he say – “When Manmohan Singh was a finance minister and when economic reforms happened, then you know how much GDP was falling … how much growth had fallen. Around 2 per cent had come down, because a change had come, but later the situation changed. ‘

Fact: Economic reforms in the country started in 1991 by then finance minister Manmohan Singh. Then in 1991-92, the GDP rate had actually come down to 1.3 percent. While the average GDP rate was 5.7% in the previous decade. The next fiscal year i.e. in 1992-93, the GDP rate was again up to 5.1%.

4. Claim– India is number 2 or 3 around the world with the startup eco system.

What they said – ‘We have planned to promote startup, the result is that we have reached the third-fourth … in the world from the startup ecosystem.’

(Narendra Modi in New Year interview)

Fact: It is not clear whether the Prime Minister talked about the overall startup ecosystem or he was talking about a specific area. According to the Indian Tech Startup Echo System NASSCOM-Zinnov’s 2018 report, India remains the world’s third largest tech startup ecosystem after the US and China. However, when we talk of not just the beginning of startup startup for Tech Startups, India’s rank is quite low. According to the Research of StartupBlink, India’s position is 37th below Ukraine and Greece. StartupBlink is known as the Global Startup Ecosystem Map, in which tens of thousands of startups of 125 countries are registered. These rankings are determined based on the strength of the startup ecosystem of these countries.

5. Claim – My foreign trips are the same as the Prime Minister of other countries.

What they said – ‘All the prime ministers have nearly as many such trips. There will be no big difference, if you calculate. Now the International Forum has become very much. You have to go. ‘

Fact: Modi’s number of foreign visits has been much higher than his predecessor Manmohan Singh. So far, Modi has traveled from 92 countries (including repeat trips of some countries). Now five months of his tenure remaining. At the same time Manmohan Singh visited 53 countries between 2009 and 2014 as Prime Minister during the UPA-II regime. This information was given by the Minister of State for External Affairs, General (Retired) VK Singh, in the Rajya Sabha on December 27 last year, which can be seen here.

Indeed, the number of Modi’s foreign visits is almost equal to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s prime ministerial visits to foreign countries in two terms. Modi has traveled 92 countries during the 4 year tenure of 7 months. At the same time, Manmohan Singh traveled to 93 countries in the UPA rule (2004 to 2014).

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