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Prime minister of Pakistan: Imran praised Jinnah for mentioning minorities, followed by India’s name

Prime minister of pakistan: After commenting on the minorities in India, Imran’s words, who are suffering from acute reactions, still do not seem to improve. On the birth anniversary of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Jinnah, Imran tweeted once again against India.


Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan once again referred to India in terms of minorities. Imran has praised Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Jinnah this time, saying that he had created a democratic nation. Imran has said that we will ensure that the minorities in Pakistan behave like equal citizens. Imran further said that this does not happen in India.

Let us say that in the past, Imran gave a similar statement, which has also caused intense reactions from India. Then Imran had said that Modi will show the government how to treat minorities. This statement from Imran came out on behalf of actor Nasiruddin’s comment about the violence done by the crowd in India.

prime minister of pakistan

However, Naseeruddin and Owaisi strongly responded to Imran Khan’s statement. While Nasiruddin had asked him to take charge of his country, Owaisi had advised Imran to learn from India. Despite this, Imran did not respond to the comment. Explain that tweeting on Jinnah’s birth anniversary on December 25, Imran said that he started a struggle for a separate country for Muslims when he came to understand that Muslims would not be considered equal citizens by Hindu majority.

Imran further wrote that Pakistan is a new Pakistan, and we will ensure that minorities are considered equal citizens, as is not happening in India. Earlier on Tuesday, former India cricketer Mohammad Kaif also responded to Imran. Kaif tweeted that during the partition, there were 20 percent minority in Pakistan, which is less than 2 percent today.

While comparing to India, Kaif has further written that since independence, the population of minorities has increased in India. Kaif has tense on Imran saying that Pakistan should not lecture about dealing with minorities.

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