Priyanka Gandhi vadra

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra playing with snake during campaigning

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra: Between the election campaign, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached her slum in the area of ​​her mother Sonia Gandhi’s Lok Sabha Election on Thursday and caught a snake with her own hands. Priyanka was going to BelaVela village for campaigning, while on the way, Kurchariya reached the village of Snake in the village and talked with them for a long time. At the same time, photojournalists covering their election campaign got this amazing view. During the conversation with snake charmers in the village, he not only caught a snake but also played with him for some time. When any of the crowd asked him to be cautious, he said that ‘nothing will be all right’.

Later, Priyanka told the villagers that my mother is your candidate, you have won them before, they did the work of development and showed them. In your area, there are candidates who understand your problems, try to solve them. As far as the BJP candidates are, you know them well, I also know very well. The public does not have any significance for them. Politics is bargaining for them. (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra )

Speaking on the BJP candidate, Priyanka said that after the election, her MLC post will not survive nor will she be the District Panchayat President. Sonia Gandhi’s direct contest in Rae Bareli is with BJP candidate Dinesh Pratap Singh, who recently left Congress and joined the BJP. The coalition has not fielded its candidate in Rae Bareli. There is voting on May 6 in the fifth phase.

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