Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi will get crowded, but what vote will get?

Priyanka Gandhi: There is a sudden enthusiasm in Priyanka Gandhi’s directive from the Congress Party in the Congress Party. Prior to the long term, the responsibility of strengthening the party in Eastern UP, which has been laid for Congress, has been handed over to Priyanka and she has been made general secretary of the party.

There is a lot of enthusiasm in the party cadre from Priyanka’s entry. It is believed that they will be successful in mobilizing the crowd, but will they succeed in transforming this crowd into votes? To find out, Neha Lalchandani of our Times of India, Binay Singh, Yusra Hussain and Rajiv Dixit reviewed four parliamentary constituencies of eastern Uttar Pradesh:

Lok Sabha elections were going on in Ahmedabad morning at the paan shop of Tanda, 191 km away from Lucknow. If the general elections are close, then it is imperative to have a round of these discussions. Only then, the point of discussion with the elections became Priyanka Gandhi. A local citizen, Wali Ahmed, feels that Priyanka’s entry in such a period will not make any difference to the Congress. At the same time, his friend Rajendra Prasad says, “At least Priyanka’s entry has started talking about the Congress. The party will perform very well against the previous elections. ”

In fact, Ahmed’s assessment was based on the Congress’s performance in the last few elections. Ambedkar Nagar, a parliamentary area in 2009, (formerly Akbarpur) is a Dalit Bahujan Lok Sabha seat, from where the BSP chief Mayawati has been three times MP. Congress was the last to win this seat in 1984.

Many people agreed by Rajendra Kumar’s opinion too. Ramesh Mishra, a member of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee, living in Iltifganj, Ambedkar Nagar, says, “Priyanka can ban the ongoing brokerage in the party. Who gets the ticket, the senior leaders decide, but they do not want to give up the second line of leadership in the party. ”

Priyanka Gandhi will get crowded, but what vote will get?

Some party workers say that Priyanka reminds her of her grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of the country. Mata Prasad, a 70-year-old mother of Tulsidan, near Akbarpur, says, “Priyanka Gandhi is the true heir to her grandmother.”

Grow slightly towards Azamgarh in the east, optimism is largely silent here. Ravindra Mishra, a music teacher, says, “In Priyanka’s leadership, the vote of the Congress can increase, but this will not be enough.” At the same time some people had said that Priyanka’s magic is ineffective to break SP and BSP’s Tilism.

At the same time some people consider it a good time for a long time. Mohamad Umar, a senior research fellow at Shibli College of Azamgarh, says, “It is true that the Congress has lost its old base, but the roots are still left. People have seen that the party has performed well in many states recently.

Another parliamentary area on which the entire country will be witnessing is Gorakhpur. CM Yogi Adityanath has been a frequent MP from here. This seat was held by Congress from 1952 to 1967. After this, when Gorakhnath Math increased participation in local politics, the situation changed.

Mahant Digvijayanath contested and won as an independent candidate. After this, Mahant Avaidyanath started contesting the elections and won every time. After this the Congress came back to the Congress in 1971 and remained with the Congress till 1989. After this, Mahant Avaidyanath contested again on the ticket of Hindu Mahasabha and won a victory.

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Today the Gorakhpur Congress unit does not have a permanent office. Workers meet at the residence of district chief Rakesh Yadav. Yadav said that the party had an office in the district for 50 years, but due to a property dispute we had to evacuate it. They said, ‘We are searching for a new office.’

People who run the shop in the Gorakhnath temple premises, whether Hindus or Muslims, do not believe Priyanka’s entry is nothing but confusion of change. Aditya, who runs his father’s 30-year-old shop in the temple complex, says, “It will not have any effect on the electoral fortunes of the Congress. For Priyanka or anyone, it will be very difficult to handle the party here. ‘

In PM Modi’s Parliamentary constituency Varanasi, most people believe that the decision to bring Priyanka to politics is very good, but the Congress has delayed it. Now this announcement will not be of any benefit after the SP-BSP alliance.

Pramod Mue, who is associated with the Nishad community, says, “Despite the delay, the Congress has taken a right decision. This decision will help in bringing the party to a better position. Now we want to see Priyanka in action as her grandmother. ‘

The rural voters are not much optimistic about this decision. Riteshwarri Naren of Millichiakak village says, “If Congress decides this before the SP-BSP alliance, then the picture could have been more. Now no one should expect any miracle from Priyanka. It will take a lot of time to recover the organization. ‘

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