Priyanka Gandhi speech in Gandhinagar

Priyanka Gandhi’s speech in Gandhinagar- You are going to choose a future, be aware of true patriotism

Priyanka Gandhi speech in Gandhinagar: After becoming the Congress party’s in-charge and general secretary of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi addressed the public meeting in Gandhinagar, Gujarat for the first time.

In his unimpeachable address, about 10 minutes, Mahatma Gandhi spoke on the ruling party, talking about love and non-violence. Addressing the rally, Priyanka said, “I knew that today is a meeting, but in my mind it seems that it may not be necessary to give a speech. I do not give a speech, I tell you two words which is in my heart. ‘ However, further attacking BJP, he said that this country is yours, ask those people who talk big things about where the 15 lakhs were coming to your account, where they are. The safety issue of women is. Many issues will be raised in the coming two months, in this case you have to be aware because you are going to choose your future through this election.

Priyanka Gandhi said that for the first time I came to Gujarat and went to Sabarmati’s ashram for the first time, from which Mahatma Gandhi started this country’s freedom struggle. He said that there were my tears sitting under those trees there. I thought about those patriots who gave their lives for this country. On whose sacrifices the foundation of this country has been laid. It was said in the mind sitting there that the country was created on the basis of love, goodwill and mutual love, but nowadays what is happening in the country, it hurts.

Priyanka Gandhi’s speech in Gandhinagar

He said, ‘I want to say to you sincerely that there is no bigger patriotism than this that you become aware. Your awareness is a weapon. Your vote is a weapon but it is a weapon that does not hurt anyone. Do not hurt anyone, do not harm anyone It’s a weapon that will strengthen you. You have to think very deeply what is this election?

Priyanka said that through this election you are going to choose your future. In such a situation, the issue of fissile should not arise. The issue should be raised only for you in which your interest is. How will the employment of young people, how will women grow ahead, how will they be safe? What will be done for the farmers – these are electoral issues. Your awareness can only bring these issues forward. Make wise decisions this time.

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He said that those who talk big things with you, make big promises. Ask them where are two million jobs. Ask them which 15 lakhs were coming into your account, where are they Who has been asked about the safety of women in five years? Ask the right questions because all the issues will be raised in the next two months. Your awareness will only make this country. It is your responsibility, your patriotism should manifest in this.(Priyanka Gandhi speech in Gandhinagar)

Priyanka said that from where the freedom fight started here. From where Gandhiji has raised the voice of love, nonviolence and goodwill. I think that there should be a voice from here, who speak of their nature, tell them what is the nature of this country? It is the nature of the country that if we find out the truth then we will find out. The winds of hatred will change in love and compassion.

He said that raise the right issues, ask the right questions as this country is yours. Youth, farmers and women have made this country. All of you understand this responsibility. No one else has created this country.

He said that our institutions are being destroyed. Hate is spreading. There can not be anything bigger for us and for us to protect the country and move forward together for development.

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