Question on Air Strike

Question on Air Strike: If India’s 300 people were killed in the attack, then government should give evidence: Sam Pitroda

Question on Air Strike: Indian Overseas Congress chief Sam Pitroda has questioned the air strikes. In an interview given to the news agency, he said that if you (the government) say that 300 people are killed then give evidence about it. It only wants to know the whole country, not me. I read reports in many newspapers including the New York Times that nobody was killed in India’s attack. I want to know if there was any attack in fact.

Fighter aircraft of India had destroyed terrorist bases in Muzaffarabad, Chakoti and Balakot on February 26 in the Pak border. According to media reports, 350 terrorists were killed in the attack.

‘Conversation Better Way’

Pitroda is in the committee forming the Congress manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He said that I am a Gandhian and I am in favor of talking to Pakistan. I believe that everyone should be respected with respect. Why Pakistan alone, the issues should be solved only with the dialogue with everyone in the world.

Pitroda also said – It is easy to believe that some people came here (from Pakistan) and they attacked. Every person in that country is being blamed. I do not know much about the Pulwama attack Such attacks have been taking place all the time. Even then we were retaliated with fighter planes, but according to me it is not the right way. 8 people carried out terrorist attacks in Mumbai, but we started accusing the whole of Pakistan.(Question on Air Strike)

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