Some Beauty Tips to Be Beautiful

Save yourself the hassle of packing extra items by bringing travel-size
containers of your beauty and skincare products.(Beauty tips) This will give you more room to
pack other things.

Learn to recycle your skincare products to be more Earth-friendly. Opt for
skincare, cosmetic and other beauty products that offer refillable containers. Also
reuse any boxes you receive packages in.

beauty tipsKeep your cosmetic products intact by keeping them out of direct sunlight and
make sure the lids are tightly shut when not in use. Also avoid sharing cosmetics,
since this can be unsanitary.

Some Beauty Tips to Be Beautiful

Keep a close eye on your cosmetic products. Be sure to note if your products
suddenly contain a foul odor, change colors or change its consistency. Chances
are it’s gone bad so throw it out.

Clean tools like eyelash curlers, nail tools, and curling irons by taking a cotton
ball soaked in vinegar or alcohol and gently wipe the surface. Clean your blow
dryer with a toothbrush to clean out the grill.

Sick of spending money on new makeup sponges? Then try washing them
instead of throwing them away after each use. Tossing them time after time
quickly adds up to more waste and more of a burden on the planet.

Any product, organic or not, may have its effectiveness compromised by being
exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Store your products in a safe place
kept at constant room temperature.

Replace cosmetics every 8-12 weeks. Products that come in close contact with
the eyes, such as mascara and eyeliner, should be renewed every 6 weeks since
bacteria are very easily spread here.

Vitamins A, D and E, aloe, hyaluronic acid and squalene, give off a healthier
and smoother appearance while moisturizing. Be on the lookout for such
ingredients when you go shopping for lotion or moisturizer.

To build up thin brows, try some eye shadow in a shade close to your brows.
Apply it with an angled brush to fill in thin areas. Be sure not to go too dark with
the shadow to keep the look natural.

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