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Rafael issue / Keeping the curtain on Rafael, 5 questions of Nirmala on Rahul Gandhi’s question

Rafael issue: The question-answer session on the Rafael Deal between power and opposition continued in the Lok Sabha on Friday. While Congress President Rahul Gandhi asked the government to answer some questions on the Raphael deal, while Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, answering most of the questions, raised several such questions which saw the Congress becoming uncomfortable.

Even after the defense minister’s response, Congress President was found to claim that he did not get a clear answer to his questions. But during the debate, the Congress will exercise the right to clarify its stand on these issues raised by the Defense Minister.

Nirmala’s first question on Rafael issue

The Defense Minister said that after 2001, the exercise of strengthening the IAF in India and neighboring China and Pakistan was in full swing. This led to the decision in 2002 that India should also meet the needs of the Air Force as soon as possible to counter China and Pakistan. But after 2014, the Congress government, which was sitting in the center, started a process of purchase of fighter aircraft which was not fulfilled during his tenure.

As a result, the Congress government could not even decide to buy a fighter aircraft in such sensitive issues even after a ten year term. Defense Minister asked, what was the reason why during this 10 years tenure, the Manmohan Singh government of Congress could not buy a fighter aircraft as per Air Force’s requirement?

Nirmala’s second question on Rafael issue

Rahul Gandhi’s question on the offset clause in the Rafael Deal that finally, bypassing the government company HAL, the Narendra Modi government decided to include Anil Ambani, but the Defense Minister said that the Congress was working to shed the hoarse tears about HAL is. Nirmala Sitharaman said in the House that during the Congress government’s tenure, Rafel producer company Tauhah refused to take guarantee of the Rafale aircraft manufactured by HAL.

The matter was shadowed by the NDA government in Rafael Deal and the Das was firm on its point of view, according to him, the company takes two and a half times more time to operate Rafael aircraft at HAL’s hands. So it was very important to bring the private company to the offset clause. At the same time during the tenure of the Congress government, the Standing Committee of Parliament, clearly stated that HAL is a company run on a crutch and it would be wrong to expect this level to be constructed. So, Nirmala asked, why is the Congress now working to make Ghadialoo tears on HAL?

Nirmala third question on Rafael issue

The Defense Minister told the House that before the visit of the Congress President to France, the team that went to France from the Central Government was clearly told that he would not negotiate any bilateral issues with the French government. According to Protol in bilateral relations, any important issue between the two countries is discussed only between the government and the government. In such a situation, why did Congress president Rahul Gandhi negotiate the Rafael deal with the President of France? Is this the right to interfere in the country’s bilateral relations by the opposition party?

Fourth question of Nirmala on Rafael issue

The Defense Minister said that the former UPA government was working on the draft of purchasing only 18 fighter aircraft from the TAF in the Raphael deal and it was trying to build the remaining 108 planes through HAL. But the truth of the UPA deal is that the then government did not make any agreement with the French government nor Rafael producer Dasu to build in HAL. If the Congress government was bringing HAL to this deal, then why did not he compromise with France or Dew?

Fifth question of Nirmala on Rafael issue

In the Lok Sabha, Nirmala Sitharaman asked whether the UPA government during the tenure of its tenure really wanted to do a defense deal with France? Nirmala informed that after receiving the central government’s approval for the Rafael deal during the UPA tenure, the UPA has only questioned the deal through the Finance Ministry and examined it with the Expert Committee.

When the committee also gave its approval in favor of the deal, the UPA government withdrew from the deal with France. After all what was missing the deal of Manmohan Singh’s Government in this deal? The Defense Minister said that after staging this deal, the then Defense Minister (P Chidambaram) said in the house on 6th February 2014 that Where is the money? (Where is the money). So, whether the Congress government was making a contract with France without the need of funds, or the Finance Minister was reacting to any other kind of money in the House. Nirmala asked if the Congress government was not interested in dealing in the deal due to lack of kickbacks in this deal?

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