Rahul Gandhi among SP-BSP alliance

Rahul, among the SP-BSP alliance, do not consider the Congress weak in UP, can fight alone too

Rahul Gandhi among SP-BSP alliance: Congress President Rahul Gandhi has indicated that if the SP-BSP does not include him in the coalition, then the Congress alone has the power to contest elections. In an interview to Gulf News, Rahul Gandhi also said that PM Modi did not talk to them.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi indicated that Congress could contest the elections alone in UP if there is no coalition. He said that the Congress can not be considered weak in UP. He said that he never had a conversation with Prime Minister Modi. He said that PM Modi is often angry and PM’s behavior towards them is due to this anger. In this interview given to Gulf News’s leading newspaper Gulf News, Rahul Gandhi said these things somewhere.

Modi’s first goal(Rahul Gandhi among SP-BSP alliance)

Rahul said, ‘Our first goal is to defeat Mr. Narendra Modi. There are many states where we are strong enough, where we are the main party and we have a direct fight with BJP. There are many such states where there can be coalitions – like Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Bihar In these states, we are working on the coalition formula.

Can not ignore us in UP(Rahul Gandhi among SP-BSP alliance)

Rahul Gandhi indicated that if the coalition is not formed in UP then his party can contest elections alone. He said that the Congress is strong enough in the UP and the party can not be ignored in this state. Rahul said, “Congress can do good in UP. The idea of ​​Congress is strong enough in the UP. That’s why we have full faith in our capabilities in UP and we will surprise people. ”

Significantly, there is talk of SP-BSP coalition in UP, in which there is talk of leaving just two seats for Congress.

Modi should speak halo

He said, ‘Modi does not talk to me. If they meet, greetings also happen silently. They should say at least ‘hello’. However, Rahul Gandhi also said that he got many lessons from ‘PM Modi’ in the ‘Gift’.

He said, “Mr. Narendra Modi is very angry and whatever he speaks about me is a result of this anger to a large extent. But there are many such things that they say about me. For example, he blames the allegations against my family. Their accusation is the result of hatred and anger towards me. He says – Look, you come from a place in which you have many comfort and it is true! I have to admit that this is true. I can not deny the fact that my family is in politics. ‘

What did you get from Modi?

But Rahul Gandhi said that Modi does not take note of the violent death of his grandmother Indira and father Rajiv has affected the family. He said, “Mr. Narendra Modi did not see how much pain we got, what violence I had to face from what I got to face. Everything has two sides. Shri Modi also has many advantages and disadvantages. Shri Modi has given me the greatest lesson that now I listen, I listen very deeply.

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