Rahul Gandhi speech On Minimum income scheme

Rahul Gandhi speech On Minimum income scheme, How to apply

Rahul Gandhi speech On Minimum income scheme: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked the Center’s Narendra Modi government and the RSS on RSS. While addressing the Congress Party’s Minority Morcha Conference in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi said that Narendra Modi is timid and can not argue with me for a few minutes. In this conference he also told about the minimum income guarantee made by him, and explained how he would implement it.

Rahul Gandhi said, “I told my manifesto that tell me something big, tell a job which shakes the country, not like Modi who gives only 17 rupees to the farmers, tell me more work than MNREGA-food right ”.

Rahul Gandhi speech On Minimum income scheme

Rahul said that after winning the election in the 2019 elections, when the Congress party formed in the center at the center, it would guarantee minimum income to every poor. He said that under this, financial help will be provided to every poor bank account of the country.

Rahul said, “If Narendra Modi can put money in the account of 15 industrialists of the country, then we can also put money in every poor account.” Rahul said that for this, we will only ask you if Are the citizens, are you poor? If so, then the Congress party government will put money into your account.

Is it possible to give a minimum income to every poor?

It is noteworthy that after the announcement of Rahul Gandhi, a debate on the issue of minimum income started. Because there is no exact figure available for the poor in the country. Experts believe that if this scheme is implemented, 4.9 per cent of country’s GDP will come to this scheme.

Tanz on Mohan Bhagwat

Let the Congress President hold the BJP and the Sangh in the conference Rahul said that the aim of the people of the Sangh is to eliminate all the institutions including the Election Commission, the Supreme Court, they want to run the country from Nagpur.

During this, Rahul also ticked the Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat, Rahul asked the public during the speech … what is the name of his boss … Mohan Bhagwat. Rahul said that Mohan Bhagwat wants to run the whole country backwards. Narendra Modi’s face, they want to run the country with a remote control.

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