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Rahul said: Modi is a coward man; BJP asked – how did Jija loot the caravan?

In the minority session of the Congress at the Talkatora Stadium, party President Rahul Gandhi called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a fearless person. Rahul challenged BJP to debate his 10-minute debate with Modiji, he will run away. BJP has expressed his displeasure over Rahul’s speech. The spokesman said that the use of the language used for the prime minister and the use of abusive language shows Rahul Gandhi’s distorted mentality. Patra said that Rahul should tell how Jija looted the caravan?

‘Modi will run away'(Rahul said)

Rahul said, “Make Narendra Modi with me on stage for 10 minutes. Debate me on the issue of National Security with Narendra Modi. Will run away … will run away. I have to say that this is a timid man. I have recognized it. He is afraid When someone comes in front of it and says that I will not go back, what will you do? Then Narendra Modi hands out and returns. “After this comment, Rahul also went from the platform to the back, then returned to Mike. Seeing their gestures, Congress workers started playing applause. The Congress leaders sitting on the platform got up and started clapping.

‘Watchman is a thief'(Rahul said)

He said – In 2019 Narendra Modi, BJP and the Sangh are going to defeat the Congress party. The people of BJP used to say that the good days, on the other hand, the people said that they would come. Now the leader of the Congress party in the country, in any corner of Delhi-Maharashtra, someone says that the watchman (people are thieves- the thief is the voice). I want to apologize to the chowkers of the country that you work very well, I only talk about a janitor (people are thieves – the thief is the voice).

If you look carefully, there will be panic on Modi’s face.

The Congress President said, “You have carefully watched Modiji’s face on TV, you can not hide the truth, if you look carefully, you will see fear in the face of Narendra Modi. In 2019 Narendra Modi ji has come to know that Sharing the Hindus and spreading hatred can not rule the country. ‘

‘Cowards run in front of a lion’s child’

Rahul said that the Chinese army is sitting in the dockham. Narendra Modi flew into the airplane to Beijing. Without the agenda of the Chinese government, there is no agenda. China knows that its seal is not 56 inches, it is 4 inches. Talks about national security, he went and joined hands in front of China. Let me tell you his character. When the lion’s children come in front of the cowards, cowards run away.

Narendra Modi Front Face, Bhagwat Remote Control

“The Sangh says that the Constitution of India should be overcome and the country should be run from Nagpur, in every system, the people of the Sangha put their people, they put their people in the Election Commission, their goal is to eliminate every institution of Hindustan. What is the name of his boss, Mohan Bhagwat, Mohan Bhagwatji will run the whole country backwards. Narendra Modi is a front face, Mohan Bhagwatji is a remote control and that is his thinking.

BJP’s acrimonious answer- Do not talk about it here or here

Immediately after Rahul’s speeches in the minority session, the BJP spokesman Patna gave a sharp reply. Patra said – Rahulji used abuses for the Prime Minister selected from the democratic process. It shows Rahul Gandhi’s immaturity and bad mentality. I am also convinced that Rahul Gandhi should address you by saying, but this is not BJP’s culture. It is a problem that people like Rahulji call themselves a leader. Do not talk about it here, tell how Jija looted the caravan.

‘Law will not rub on Rahulji’s dome’

Patra said – both of these criminals, criminal number one Rahul Gandhi and criminal number 2 Robert Vadra. Theft of 600 crore income tax. Criminal number two stole 5 thousand crores from you and our pocket. The culprit number one raised the criminal number two. Hey, Rahulji, you used to think that corruption in the country and the process of law should not take action against you and you go to London and flutter it. This is your habit. This new India is big or small, law is equal to everyone. The law will not bend on Rahulji’s deity. The law will not rub the nose ahead of criminals, criminals will rub the nose.

‘Rahul-Mamta will keep the Rohingya and Bangladeshi people out of the Sangh’s people’:Rahul said

He said, “Tired of Amit Shah ji that India calls gold as a bird and considers it a product.” India was always a gold bird and under the leadership of Narendra Modi, it is going to be a world master, the product is for those people. Those who are present in front of the ED, who were starving in London by selling the country, this is Rahul’s distorted mentality, it is very difficult, Rahulji said that if we come to power Select one person from the Sangh and take them out. You should place Rohingya and Bangladeshis in place, Rahul and Mamta will together keep Rohingya and the Bangladeshi.

‘Triple Divorce Ban Declaration of Excellence’

Patra said – Look at the excellence of appeasement that if you come to power then there will be Triple Divorce Ban. You say Modiji is attacking the institutions. Triple divorce is banned by the Supreme Court. He said that triple divorce is not constitutional. Women should have the right to live. His party declares with the stage that if we come to power, we will not take care of the Supreme Court, we will ban the triple divorce. What kind of medieval mentality is this? The people of India are watching, no

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