Rahul gandhi on rafale

Rahul’s allegations: Rahul Gandhi said if Rafael files are stolen, the FIR should be on PM Modi

Rahul gandhi on rafale : Congress President Rahul Gandhi took a decision on targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on theft of Rafael Deal files. The Congress president accused Rafael of scam in the 30,000 scandal, saying that those files which have disappeared have to be acted upon, but action should also be taken against PM.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, after the attorney general’s statement to file RAFEL files in the Supreme Court, will now target PM Narendra Modi very much. The Congress President, while tearing down the file disappeared, said that everything in this government is disappearing. Rahul Gandhi said that corruption is linked to Prime Minister Modi directly from file and action should be taken against it. Congress president demanded FIR lodged on PM Modi On the question of publishing Rahul Gandhi’s statements to Congress leaders in Pakistan, the poster boy there is also the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

If PM is innocent, why are you scared of investigation: Rahul Gandhi

The Congress president said at the press conference that the Prime Minister has delayed the Rafael deal only, the Prime Minister should have himself investigated this. It will come out soon where all the money is gone. He said that if the Prime Minister feels that he is innocent, then let him be investigated. He said that the file of the Ministry of Defense has written that the Prime Minister is dealing only, it is clear that action should be taken against him.

PM pays money in Anil Ambani’s pocket

The Congress President said that whatever you have to take action, but the Prime Minister should also take action. The PM removed the Chief of the CBI, after which the Supreme Court also reprimanded. They put 30 thousand crores in Anil Ambani’s pocket.

Everything in this government is disappearing

Rahul Gandhi related the disappearance of the file related to PM Modi accusing him, “A new line has disappeared, the employment of 20 million youth disappeared, the money of the farmers disappeared, the dossier disappeared. Rafael’s files have disappeared. Prime Minister Narendra Modi put 30 thousand crores in the pocket of friend Anil Ambani. It was all in the file and the file disappeared. ‘

Why PM is not getting an FIR?- Rahul gandhi on rafale

Rahul Gandhi, after filing an FIR in the file theft case under the Official Seal of the Attorney General, asked why the prime minister was not getting an FIR. The Congress President said, ‘Whatever PM Modi opposes in this country, action is taken against him. PMO means only today and only Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If action is being taken under the Official Sect Act, do it, but FIR will be lodged against Prime Minister Modi. If the prime minister is not wrong then why are not they asking for a probe? Why did he reject the JPC? ‘

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