Rahul in Haveri of Karnataka

Rahul’s tangle with the name of Masood Azhar – did not remove the BJP from the jail and sent it to Pakistan?

Rahul in Haveri of Karnataka: Rahul Gandhi said that in the reign of Narendra Modi, the maximum unemployment in 40 years is today. Narendra Modi has given loan to 15 people for three and a half million rupees. Anil Ambani has given 45 thousand crores and he has pocketed his free gift 30 thousand crores in the Rafael case.


Congress President Rahul Gandhi, referring to the Pulwama terror attack, targeted the Modi government. Taking the name of the terrorist Masood Azhar, the Congress President put the government’s policy on terrorism in the dock. During this, Rahul also attacked the Center on the excuse of accused Nirav Modi in the PNB scam.

Questions asked to Modi government on Pulwama

While addressing a public meeting in Haveri, Karnataka, Rahul surrounded the Modi government on terrorism and said, “A few days ago, CRPF jawans were martyred in Pulwama. There is a direct question to my Prime Minister – who is responsible for his martyrdom? Did the BJP government not remove Masood Azhar from Pakistan and sent it to Pakistan? Modiji, we do not bend in front of you like terrorism. ‘

‘Most Unemployment In 40 Years’

Rahul said, ‘The Prime Minister is ruling for 5 years. In the rule of Narendra Modi, the highest unemployment in 40 years is today. Narendra Modi has given loan to 15 people for three and a half million rupees. Anil Ambani has given 45 thousand crores and given the free gift 30 thousand crores in the Rafael case, he pocketed.

‘We will not let two Hindustan become’

Rahul in Haveri of Karnataka: Rahul Gandhi, while accusing BJP, said, “Modi government wants to make two Hindustan.” One Hindustan Nirvav Modi and Mehul are in the vigilance, second Hindustan poor, farmers, laborers and marginalized people. But the Congress Party will not be able to become two Hindustan. There will be one Hindustan in which everyone will get justice. ‘

‘What was a suit-boot in line’

Referring to the note-taking, Rahul said, “In the banquet, everyone put the line in line.” It is said to fight against money laundering. In the line you saw one of the suit-boots in the line. Neerav was in the line, Mehul was in the vigil, Vijay Mallya, Anil Ambani …. But all the poor people of Karnataka, farmers, laborers, small shopkeepers were standing in line. The country’s watchman took your money and gave it to Neerav Modi, Mehul Chowk, Vijay Mallya and Anil Ambani. Modiji does not make your guard and make anonymity of Anil Ambani. ‘

Attack on Modi government on Rafale Deal

Taking the central government on the Rafale Deal target, Rahul said, “Remember the speech is their 56-inch chest. Do not make the prime minister, make the watchman. The people of the country voted and in the Rafale case, Narendra Modi himself stole 30 thousand crore and stole it in Anil Ambani’s pocket. Earlier, people used to say good days. Will miss Now someone says the watchman The answer is thief. The UPA Government gave RAHEL contract to HAL An airplane was being purchased for 526 million. HAL is making airplanes for 70 years. Miraj, Sukhoi, MiG, Jaguar all made airplanes. Anil Ambani did not make a ship, he did not make life. ‘

Questions raised on schemes like Make in India

While attacking PM Modi, Rahul said, ‘You take the insurance money and people like Anil Ambani carry it. I want to tell the farmers of Karnataka, farmers of Karnataka, you are the spinal cord of this country and the Congress Party wants to protect you. The storm comes hurricane, we will meet with you. I say to the youth that Narendra Modi is fooling you for five years. Make in India make up India sit down India do not know what to say. ‘

‘GST will change if Congress government comes'(Rahul in Haveri of Karnataka)

Raising questions on GST, Rahul Gandhi said, “Narendra Modi has given the entire money to your entire people to people like Anil Ambani. I want to say to small shopkeepers that I understand your pain deeply. You work all day long. Run your own shops and run your own small business. Narendra Modiji has axed you twice. Notebook and Gabbar Singh tax. You’ve had a great deal of loss. Your families suffer. We can not do anything about the banquet. The damage done by Narendra Modi was done, but as soon as the Congress party will come, the Congress Party will keep changing it, which has kept up to five separate GST taxes. A simple GST. ‘

‘Empowering women in first work in 2019’

Talking about the empowerment of women, the Congress President said, “We know that you all work together to give this country employment by giving your blood and sweating. Our mothers and sisters have come to you, I want to say to you that in 2019 our first task will be to empower women. In the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Legislative Assemblies of the country, we will give you Reservation and will put you in Rajya Sabha. Finally, we have a coalition government in Karnataka today and we are running the government in collaboration with JDS. Together we will win the elections here and both the activists JDS and Congress workers together help the Congress party. The government which has our own government is the government of the poor, poor people. We will work together for Karnataka. ‘

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