Rakesh Asthana also discharged from CBI

Rakesh Asthana also discharged from CBI after Alok Verma, 3 more officers removed

Rakesh Asthana also discharged from CBI: The government, while continuing the cleanliness drive in the CBI, sent CBI’s Special Director Rakesh Asthana from his post on Thursday to the Civil Aviation Security Bureau. Along with them, Zoint Director A. K. Sharma, DIG M.K. Sinha and Jayant Nayakanwar’s tenure were also reduced. Earlier, the government had removed Alok Verma as the Director of CBI and sent it to the Fire Safety Department. Verma later resigned from his service.

Alok Verma, reinstated as the CBI Director from the Supreme Court, was removed from the post of director after the selection committee meeting. The decision to remove them was decided by a high-level selection committee of three members with a majority of 2-1. The sources said that before the decision of the Select Committee, the Chief Justice had nominated Justice A.K. Sikri, taking the side of the government, said that Verma should be removed from the post on the basis of the findings of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) investigation.

It is believed that action against Asthana has been done in the light of allegations of corruption against him. The CBI had registered an FIR against Asthana, suspended Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Devendra Kumar and 2 others, alleging that they had bribe five times between December 2017 and October 2018.(Rakesh Asthana also discharged from CBI)

Asthana is the IPS officer of the 1984 batch Gujarat cadre. He is alleged to have taken a bribe of Rs 2 crore from a businessman. A special investigation team was investigating this matter.

(Rakesh Asthana also discharged from CBI after Alok Verma, 3 more officers removed)

Action was taken against Alok Verma before Asthana. Verma’s controversy with Rakesh Asthana, the Special Director of CBI, was exposed on October 23 after the controversy erupted, but after the Supreme Court reinstated him again. The court argued that the government can not change the appointment of the CBI chief without consulting the Select Committee.

What is the whole case

The CBI registered a case against Asthana for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 2 crore to rape a case against meat businessman Moin Qureshi. After this, in many cases, Asthana charged bribe against his official Alok Verma. The matter gradually became political and the opposition parties falsely blamed Modi on Prime Minister Modi. The matter reached the court and the Supreme Court ruled out a very significant decision in which Alok Verma was reinstated to his post but the Select Committee removed him.

Due to Verma’s removal, Additional Director of CBI M Nageshwar Rao was again given the charge of Director. Rao is a 1986 batch IPS officer of Odisha cadre. Asthana and Verma have accused each other of corruption, thereby raising questions on the credibility of the CBI. After the disputes, the Central Government had sent Verma and Asthana on leave on October 23. Along with this, Rao was made the Interim Director. Right now, within 48 hours of restoring Alok Verma to the post of director, Rao was removed from the post.`

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