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Richest people / The assets of the country’s billionaires increased by 2200 crores every day in 2018

Richest people: The wealth of the country’s billionaires has increased by 2200 crores every year last year. The wealth of the wealth comprising top 1% increased by 39%. Whereas, the wealth of at least wealthy country’s 50% of the population increased by just 3%. Oxfam released this report on Monday

According to the report, the wealth of billionaires in the world increased 12% ($ 2.5 billion per day) last year. Whereas, the wealth of half the world’s population in the poor has decreased by 11%.

  • Oxfam released this report on Monday
  • According to this, the wealth of the top 1% of the country’s wealth increased by 39%
  • World’s billionaire wealth grows 12%, 50% of poor wealth drops 11%

119 billionaires in the country have 28 lakh crore rupees(Richest people)

According to Oxfam’s report, last year 18 new names were added to the list of billionaires in the country. Their number increased to 119. The total assets of these assets reached 28 lakh crore rupees ($ 440.1 billion) for the first time.

Mukesh Ambani, the country’s wealthiest, has a wealth of 2.8 lakh crore rupees. It is more than the revenues and expenditure of medical, public health, and water supply of the Central and State Governments (2.08 lakh crores).

13.6 million people stranded in debt for 15 years

It has been said in the report that 13.6 million people of India, which are among the poorest 10% of the population, have been trapped in debt since the year 2004. Oxfam says that the growing difference between the poor and the rich is hollowing out efforts to eradicate poverty. This gap is harming the economy and people are angry about it in the world.

Increasingly the difference between rich and poor is worry: Oxfam

This year, Oxfam, from politicians and businessmen joining the World Economic Forum, says that there is a need to take immediate steps to deal with the increasing difference between the rich and the poor. The World Economic Forum will be started from Tuesday in Davos.

Richest people

Oxfam’s international executive director, Vinnie Banyayima, says it is a morally insulting situation that property of some rich Indians is increasing, while fighting for poor food and children’s drug money. This can lead to a major loss to the country’s socio-democratic system.

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