In the money laundering case

Robert Vadra reaches Secretariat for inquiries

In the money laundering case, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s husband Robert Vadra appeared on the second day on extradition directorate (ED) for the second consecutive day. Before reaching him, other lawyers, including Karti Chidambaram, were present at the ED’s office. Vadra will be questioned in Anonymous property case abroad.

Vadra went to ED’s office on Wednesday at four o’clock in the evening. She had reached Priyanka with her. They got out at around 10 o’clock. ED officials asked 42 questions in about six hours. The officers had questioned Vadra about the benami properties abroad.

Vadra filed in court

Vadra had applied to the court to avoid the arrest. On their appeal, the court had given them exemption till February 16. It was also said that Vadra should be present for questioning in front of ED on February 6.

ED office: 7 officers questioned in the presence of lawyers

7 ED officials questioned Vadra about the purchase and distribution of land in London in the presence of his lawyer. ED had prepared 42 questions. The officers wanted written answers to the questions, but Vadra refused to give the written answer to some questions.

Vadra recognizes London’s bungalow owner Arora

The matter is related to the purchase of a property of 19 million in London’s 12 Bryanston Square. ED had told the court that Manoj Arora’s name appeared in the investigation against the fugitive arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari. This property Bhandari had sold to Arora. ED claims that its real owner is Vadra.

In the money laundering case

ED: Do you know Manoj and Bhandari?
Vadra: Arora was my employee. But, now it is not. I do not know the storekeeper.

ED: Arora’s email id, on your email ID, was talked about the transaction of money including the property’s property. Your ID consistently communicated.
Vadra: No. I never emailed

ED: Have your business relationship with Sanjay Bhandari’s cousin Shikhar Chadha
Vadra: No.

ED: Is London’s property yours? Apart from this, there are many properties?
Vadra: I have no property in London.

Prior to the election, the people of ED understand the meaning of this action: Priyanka
On the question of husband Robert, Priyanka said, “By going to the ED office with him, I just wanted to say that I am standing with them at every step. People all understand why this is happening right before the election and who is doing it.

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