Sangram on Rafael

Sangram on Rafale: Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said: Rahul’s allegations were false, the newspaper kept the whole truth

Sangram on Rafale: Sitharaman said that all lies have been answered on Rafale. Former Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar also clarified in his statement in the House that nothing in the Rafael case has gone wrong. Sitharaman said that the then Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar had said on the note of the Ministry of Defense that there was no concern.

On the Rafale Deal, a report published in a newspaper has been organized. In the report, quoting a note of the then Secretary of Defense, it has been claimed that the Prime Minister’s Office was having parallel talks in this matter. On this, the objection and concern were expressed by the Ministry of Defense on this parallel dialogue. On Thursday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi conducted a press conference with a direct attack on PM Narendra Modi.

After some time, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman raised the question in parliament and described it as unilateral. The Defense Minister said that under the noting itself, the then defense minister Manohar Parrikar had given reply, which was not published by the newspaper while making a unilateral report. What is this whole case, let’s understand …

What is the newspaper claim

In a news published in the English newspaper ‘The Hindu’ on Friday, it was claimed that PMO parallel to the Ministry of Defense was also talking during the Rafale deal between India and France. The newspaper claimed this by quoting a secretary of the then Defense Secretary Mohan Kumar. Defense Secretary expressed his concern to the then Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. Now the government says that the newspaper printed the note of the Secretary of Defense, but did not print the reply of the Parrikar written in it, in which he had clarified that everything is fine.

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Defense Minister, the speaker in Parliament, why hide the reply of Parrikar?

On this entire dispute, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman responded by the government in Parliament. Dismissing the allegations of interference in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in the Rafale deal, the Defense Minister said that the newspaper did not put the whole truth in front. He said that the newspaper should also have to print the reply of Defense Minister on the advice of Defense Secretary. Sitharaman said that the then Defense Minister Parrikar had said in response to the file notification of the Defense Secretary that there is no concern, all is fine. He said that Congress is playing in the hands of foreign forces and is harming the country.

Sangram on Rafale

The Defense Minister said, “They are discussing the dead horse.” They are playing with Multi National Corporation. They do not want the Indian Air Force to be strong. Sitharaman said that taking information from time to time on the subject of PMO can not be called interference. Targeting the Congress, he alleged that the National Advisory Council (NAC) was formed during UPA government, whose president was Sonia Gandhi, how much was the interference in the PMO? He said that then the NAC was running a PMO in a way.

Congress and Rahul Gandhi’s questions(Sangram on Rafale)

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday press conference by accusing newspaper report of corruption and alleging corruption in Rafael. The Congress President said that this deal was directly involved in the PM, it has become clear from the report. On the ongoing investigation on Robert Vadra and P. Chidambaram, he said that we do not object to whatever investigation we want, but investigate on Rafale too. After this the Congress raised this issue in Parliament. In the Lok Sabha, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said that the Congress-led government had agreed to purchase 126 fighter aircraft, but 36 aircraft were being purchased.

On one hand there is the Ministry of Defense and on the other side there is the Prime Minister’s Office, and many things are coming out. He said that in such a case, the investigation of the case from the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) will be revealed. Saugata Roy of the Trinamool Congress said that the news of the newspaper has revealed that the Prime Minister’s Office was having parallel talks in this matter. An objection was raised on this parallel dialogue from the Ministry of Defense about this. He said why the Prime Minister’s Office was interfering in this matter? Taking a dig at the Prime Minister and the National Security Advisor, he alleged that he had weakened the spine of the country’s defense.

Rahul and the questions raised on the report from the incomplete note(Sangram on Rafale)

The government says that the newspaper did not deliberately reply to Parrikar’s reply in the report. In the press conference Rahul Gandhi, who was seen waving the defense secretary printed in the newspaper, the reply of Parrikar was missing. BJP is now attacking the Congress and Rahul for this.

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