Student killed by his seniors

School in Dehradun quietly buries 12-year old killed by senior

Student killed by his seniors: A boarding school in Dehradun has found a case of suspicious death of the student. It is alleged that the senior officers beat up the student by beat him up. School management also tried to hide the case and notify the police and the relatives of the dead body of the student buried in the premises.

In a boarding school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, a 12-year-old student was allegedly beaten and beaten by her seniors. Police said that two students studying in the 12th had accused the deceased student of a stomach and bat in the classroom and left it and left them after accusing Biscuit’s packet of stealing. The injured student was taken to the hospital several hours later, where doctors declared him dead. The school administration then buried the body of the student without postmortem in the school campus.

Case against two students and three staff

Police have registered a case under section 302 against the two accused students, while three employees of the school administration have lodged a case under section 201 of the Host Manager  and the Sports teacher for erasing the evidence of crime. According to the police, the accused students had accused the deceased student that when he went out, he stole the biscuit packet. After this, both of them beat the victim’s bat and the wicket in the classroom.

Student killed by his seniors-School administration tried to hide the matter

After a while, the injured student died. The body of the student remained in the classroom till the hostel’s warden’s eyes were not noticed. SSP Nivedita Kukrati of Dehradun said that in the matter many aspects of the school administration have come to light. He said that the student was taken not only late to the hospital but the school staff also tried to hide the case. They buried the student in campus without informing the police. Usha Negi, chairperson of Uttarakhand Child Rights Protection Commission, said that due to their intervention the matter has come to light.

The body of the deceased buried without informing the family

Negi said, ‘School administration made every possible effort to hide the case. The incident took place on March 10 and on 11th March we came to know of it. However, when we came to know and we reached school, we found out that the school management had buried the dead body of the student without postmortem in the campus itself. They said that the family members of the student were not informed that their child had died.

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