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Seeing Chinese softness on Masood Azhar, boycott of Chinese goods on social media

Boycott Chinese Products: India can win only if there is a big increase in manufacturing capacity here by waging a trade war against China. In this direction, it will take at least a decade for us to achieve this potential, even if it is working with seriousness and vision.

After the Pulwama terror attack, China has once again obstructed the UN Security Council on the proposal to declare Masjid Azhar, the terrorist organization of Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Global Terrorist. This was the fourth opportunity when China dropped the proposal using Veto Power. After hearing this news, the Indians have come to boil against China. That is the reason why social media has come from China’s appeal to boycott of imported goods. #BoycottChineseProducts is also included in the top trend on the tweet.

Boil against china

In such a situation, the question arises, can China be taught a lesson by boycotting its products? Will the boycott of Chinese goods be proven harmful to India? The answer is that there is no harm in teaching a lesson to China and efforts should be made in this direction, but for this, the method of exclusion of Chinese goods is not very favorable. Let’s know why?

India’s dependence
There are many Indians who are under the pressure of Chinese outsourcing of Chinese goods. However, the fact is that this will only harm India, which is dependent on China’s products. Indeed, India, China, exports less while importing it more. China mainly receives raw materials from India, then there is a huge demand for China’s specially electronics and other built-in equities. India’s pharma sector is heavily dependent on Chinese imports, which are used to make medicines.

We are not in a position to win

Only 2 percent of China’s total exports come to India. Therefore, if there is a boycott of his belongings in India then there is no special effect on China at present. Yes, India’s largest trading partner is China. But, the trade front between the two countries is very much inclined in China’s favor. Therefore, India can win only if there is a major increase in manufacturing capacity by waging a trade war against China. In this direction, it will take at least a decade for us to achieve this potential, even if it is working with seriousness and vision.(Boycott Chinese Products)

China’s dominance over the Indian market

Now India exports telecom gear worth Rs 70,000 crore every year. A big part of this is to get rid of and come from Chinese companies like ZTE. In fact, the Chinese companies are dominated by India. In Indian mobile phone market of $ 8 billion (about Rs 5.60 trillion), 51 percent of Chinese companies alone are ruling the same way as Shyamomi, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus.

stuff will become expensive

Another big Indian market of Chinese aggression is the power sector. For this sector, India relies on Chinese imports. In the 12th Plan only about 30 percent of the power generation was imported from China. Between April 2016 and January 2017, 71 percent solar equipments were imported from China in the rapidly expanding solar power sector. India’s Solar Energy Market is worth $ 1.9 billion (about 1.30 trillion rupees). The common belief is that China is dumping its consumer goods into India. But, in reality, India is also dependent on China for the Capital Goods. If import of capital goods from China is reduced, then our production costs will increase and the goods will become more expensive.

The loss of China also due to the boycott appeal (Boycott Chinese Products)

So, should these figures be interpreted to mean that the exclusion of Chinese goods is absolutely idle? No, it will not have any effect on China yet, but it may have to suffer loss in the long run. Especially, the image of China is staining at the moment when it is gearing up for Africa and Europe to sell its belongings.

The social movement of the exclusion of Chinese goods in large markets like India will reduce the ability to tolerate China’s interdependence because it is engaged in trying to make its image as a responsible superpower across the world. China is facing opposition from the citizens of many African countries, where it is working on infrastructure projects. In such a situation, the supremacy of a totalitarian and militant country on China would reduce western power and increase its capacity to strengthen the land in Africa and Europe. Regardless of the tone of opposition to Chinese goods in India from time to time, unscrupulous China is shocked at this front.

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