Ranveer Singh on cold war with Shahid Kapoor
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Shahid Kapoor with Ranveer Singh’s silent silence on cold war? What was the dispute over

Ranveer Singh on cold war with Shahid Kapoor has been talking about cold war between Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh since Padmavat. Now in an interview, Ranveer was asked about the same question. Know what the simba actor answered

Ranveer Singh on the cold war with Shahid Kapoor during the release of the film Padmavat in 2018, Ranbir Singh and Shahid Kapoor’s Cold War got plenty of headlines. It was said that both do not like each other at all. It was even said that the help of Deepika Padukone was taken to make the synergy between the two actors. However, in the interaction with the media, the two did not accept the perceived cold war openly. In an interview, Ranvir was questioned with Shahid Manmutava.

Ranveer Singh on cold war with Shahid Kapoor

Ranveer said, “Everything was fine between Shahid Kapoor and me. We were very happy together. I think we spent a lot of time during Padmavat’s shoot. “Let’s say that Shahid had said during the release of Padmavat that he felt himself” outsider “on the sets of Bhansali’s film. In response, Ranveer said, “I had tried every possible way to make Shahid feel like a house on the set.”

It is believed that Ranveer Singh’s statement in this matter is between the two, in which he had said that he could have better role of Shahid in “Kamne”. Shahid also commented on Ranveer, saying, “If I did the role of Khilji in Padmav, then I would have a different approach.” On the basis of these statements of the actors, the words of Coldvar are coming out between them.

However, Ranveer had also apologized to Shahid Kapoor for his comments in an interview with INDIA TODAY last year. He had said, “In my first year in Bollywood, I was quite aerogent. I should not have said all this. I’m sorry about my comment. ”

Let Ranveer play a negative role in Padmavat for the first time. Soon an actor’s movie Alley Boy is going to be released. In this, their upozit Alia Bhatt will be seen. The recently released Ranbir Singh’s Simba has been a super hit at the box office.

On the other hand, last year Padmavat came in Shahid’s film Bati Gul Meer. The film was in the discussion before coming, but the box office failed to show some extra awesome.

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