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#MeToo Singer’s allegation against Anu Malik, ‘Promised to work for the kiss instead of’

The name of the famous music composer Anu Malik is revealed in the wrapping of #MeToo. Famous playback singer Shweta Pandit has accused of harassment. He says that when he was 15 years old, Anu Malik had done his make-up in the recording studio.

Shweta has shared her fortune through twitter posts. He wrote: “It is about 2000 years ago when I launched Lead Singer as a movie in Mohabbatein. I had called Anu Malik at that time, the manager Mustafa had called. I was called at Andheri Empire Studios. ”

#MeToo Singer’s allegation against Anu Malik

“When I and my mother reached the studio, they were recording group Song with Shaan and Sunidhi for the movie Awara Paagal Deewana. They asked me to sing without music. Then I sang “Har Dil Joe Pyaar Karega” Song In response, Anu Malik said, “I will give you this song with Sunidhi and Shan but for that you have to do it now. I was shocked. ”

Shweta wrote: “Then I was 15 years old and went to school. I used to call them Anu Uncle. They knew my whole family for decades. He used to call my father a brother. Does anyone make such a demand from his brother’s daughter? They have 2 young daughters. That moment was the worst of my life. I was in tension for several months. ”

He accused Anu Malik of writing: “I am sure he has exploited many singers. I would appeal to those singers to share their story against Anu Malik too. ” ‘Shweta has told Singer Sona Mahapatra to thank Anu Malik for bringing the antics. Say, gold had told Anu Malik as a serial predator.

Never found from gold – Anu Malik

At the same time answering the allegations of gold, the Anu Malik had said, “I have not worked with Sona, have not even met him.” They mean something that happened very long ago. There is nothing to do – I do not want to comment on anything, they are just pulling my name. “

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