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sleep cycle – Only seven hours of sleep will not work

Many times you would feel that you have been sleeping for seven hours on a regular basis, but after this you are also surrounded by diseases. The researchers tried to understand your confusions. If you think of the researchers, then this may be your daily routine.

If you just fix sleep time and do not pay attention to the rest, then it will not show any effect. In a new study, participants have found a connection between irregular sleep-borne diseases, but who are affected by who is currently studying it.

Disturbance at the time of sleep can harm your health. Everyone knows this thing. According to researchers from the University of Duke, strictly seven hours of sleeping time in the night can lead to diseases such as obesity, blood pressure and diabetes. The researchers from Duke University studied the 1978 logo and told that seven hours of sleeping time should not change in any situation during the seven hours of the night.

The results of research published in the Scientific Reports Journal show that people who have not been sleeping for seven hours at night regularly increase blood glucose levels and high blood pressure.But seven hours a day, sleep and irregular routine also leads to the disease. Researchers said that irregular sleeping is the cause of these diseases.

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