Smartphone battery life

Smartphone battery life:The battery of your smartphone can be avoided by these easy ways.

Smartphone battery life : Ways to save smartphone battery There are some apps that are Power Hungry that drain your battery faster. You need to identify and get rid of them.

No matter how powerful battery devices the smartphone companies are, but in the end you find that the battery is going to end. The end of the battery is also a problem. There are several reasons for the battery to be drained soon. That is, if you want to have more backups in the smartphone, then you have to first look at the things in the phone that is consuming your smartphone’s battery. You are charging and in some time the battery is getting drained.

Let us tell you some ways that you can increase your smartphone’s battery life, not your own. Some of you may already know about these methods, but those who do not know, definitely know.

Such check Smartphone battery life

Locate the battery by going into the settings of the smartphone. Click here to see your details. Now here you can see which app is draining your smartphone’s battery most. Now from this, make sure that you can reduce or stop using which apps. You can also remove it from here. You do not have to worry about any third-party applications for this investigation.

Those who consume more battery are called Power Hungry Apps. So you can either remove all power hungry applications from your smartphone or limit their usage. Location, GPS consumes your smartphone’s battery. Do not use GPS if you are not using it.

If Bluetooth and WiFi are not in use, then turn them off too. Do not put the screen in auto brightness and select brightness by yourself. If the internet is not using, then turn off mobile data too. Saves the battery from all of these.

Sometimes it happens due to your bad charger. That is, you should use the real charger provided with your smartphone.

Reduce your smartphone’s screen timeout. You know, the Hog Smartphone display consumes the most battery. Especially in Android Smartphones So the lower the screen timeout the battery will remain the same. If you are not using, then the screen should remain ONLY. If your smartphone has an on-the-shelf display, you can switch off it and save a maximum battery. Because they also consume batteries. You can do this even when your battery is very low and the charging source is not nearby, but they are good at using such features.
The Google Play service also drains a lot of battery for Android users. Although you can not stop it. Because it is essential for Android’s features. But this is also the solution. Go to the settings of the smartphone and tap on the app here, the option of ALL will appear, Google Play Service will appear as soon as you tap it. Here you will use the Cache Clear button. You can do this every one month, this will also save Smartphone battery life.

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