alien creature

Suddenly came the alien creature, people were shocked

Alien creature: People were surprised when a user posted photos on the social site after seeing an alien on the beach. A user wrote while posting photos on Reddit, that his mother and girlfriends had gone on the beach, during this time they saw it.

According to the report of Daily Mail, the matter is in place of Broom named Western Australia. After sharing photos on the social site, a lot of people responded and tried to identify it. One person suggested that the last part of the organism appears in the photo above.

Suddenly came the alien creature, people were shocked

In the end many people identified the organism as Armed Anemone. This organism is found in Australia and its length is 50 cm.

Generally there are many colors in the body of this organism, but users have speculated that due to sunlight the color has faded. Its sting is poisonous. If it takes a person to bite it takes months to recover.

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