Supermodel party

Supermodel party/ Supermodel’s guest arrived by wearing masked party, Amitabh-Aishwarya’s masks

Supermodel party : Recently, Pakistan’s supermodel Aliya Zaidi placed a party on Ambani theme in Karachi. There were not seen people dressed in big film stars and expensive jewelery, but people wearing wearing masks of actors wearing masks and fake diamonds were definitely visible. Alia said that there was a lot of discussion in Pakistan regarding the marriage of Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha’s marriage in Pakistan. For this reason, we also have the intention of making such a party here.

Alia called her friend and model Frehah Altaf to perform in Beyoncé dress and look. According to Alia, its purpose was not to equate the business tycoon expenditure but to experience the experience of a big party. Since sharing on social media the party’s photos have become viral.

Places were given fake names(Supermodel party)

In order to make the party feel luxurious, some places were given fake names at the venue. The program was written on the board outside the venue – $ 10 million party. At the same time, another board was written – 26 carat gold wall. Apart from this, the elephant’s effigy is said to be the $ 2 million elephant coming to the party. Ali said that they wanted people to realize the expensive party after reading the name.

Supermodel party

Fashion Council President arrived wearing Amitabh’s mask

Many people of Pakistan’s TV industry reached the party. President of Pak Fashion Council and designer Deepak Parvani arrived with Amitabh Bachchan’s mask. A woman came with a mask of Aishwarya. Some other Bollywood stars were masked in Mannequin. Aliya says that there is a lot of similarities between the traditions, culture, hobbies and music of India and Pakistan. Like the Ambanis, marriages also last for several days in Pakistan. For the Pakistanis it was an opportunity to realize the view of their favorite Bollywood stars.

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