Jammu airport suspicious material found

Suspected item found near Jammu Airport, bomb disposal team arrived on the spot

Jammu airport suspicious material found: Just a day after the grenade attack in Jammu, the airport got suspicious objects. After that the Police and the bomb disposal team arrived on the spot.

There is an alert in the state after the grenade attack on the bus in Jammu bus stand on Thursday. Meanwhile, Jammu airport received some suspicious objects on Friday. After that the police arrived there for investigation. However, a statement from the police said that the suspicious object was only a battery, so there is nothing to worry about.

The police is conducting detailed investigation of the case. As soon as the news of the suspect arrives, the bomb disposal squad has reached the spot, which will be conducting a thorough investigation there. (Jammu airport suspicious material found)

Two people died

It is worth mentioning that on Thursday the attack on a state transport bus in Jammu bus stand was attacked with grenades. Two people were killed in this attack, while more than 30 were injured. Since the attack, security of Jammu city was increased.

As soon as the grenade attack on the bus on Thursday, the police surrounded the entire area near the bus stand. At the same time, security in the city was also increased on the ramparts, the police asked the common people to report any kind of suspicious activity.

Yasir Bhat, accused of attack on Jammu bus stand, was arrested on Thursday evening, he had confessed his accusation. According to the police, Yasir Bhatt had confirmed in his statement that he threw the grenade at the behest of Hizbul Mujahideen.

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