Sridevi first death anniversary

Boney Kapoor Will do pooja in Chennai before death anniversary of Sridevi, both daughters will be together

Sridevi first death anniversary: Sridevi’s first death anniversary is on February 24th. In 2018, he died on the Dubai hotel this day. Prior to Sridevi’s Death Anniversary, Bonnie Kapoor will perform a special puja in her hometown Chennai. This worship will take place on 14th February. Which will include both his daughters, Khushi and Jahnavi […]

sridevi movie sridevi bungalow

Boney kapoor announcement , i will not rest till then complete sridevi movie sridevi bungalow

sridevi movie sridevi bungalow: Sudden death of Sridevi was an unbearable incident for her family. The recently released Priya Prakash Warrior’s film, Sridevi Banglo’s Teaser, once again revived the wounds of Kapoor Family. After the bathtub scene in Teaser, Bonnie Kapoor sent a legal notice to the film’s actress and director. Now Bonnie is in […]