Shatrughan Sinha

Shatrughan Sinha, who arrived to meet Rahul Gandhi, said, “Whatever the situation, the seat will not change.”

After the ticket from Patna Sahib Lok Sabha constituency on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the disgruntled leader Shatrughan Sinha can now get the support of the Congress. It was news that former union minister and film actor Shatrughan Sinha will join the Congress on Thursday, but sources say that the case has […]

Tejasvi Surya

BJP announces 28-year-old Tejasvi Surya for Bengaluru South

Tejasvi Surya: In a surprise move, the BJP has fielded young face Tejasvi Surya from the prestigious Bengaluru South Lok Sabha seat, which was widely expected to go to Tejaswini Ananthkumar, the widow of Union minister Ananthkumar who passed away in November last year. The minister had won six straight terms from Bengaluru South between […]

Priyanka gandhi Ganga Yatra

Ganga Yatra / Priyanka Kashi reached, Modi workers shouting slogans Congress workers beaten by Congressmen

Priyanka gandhi Ganga Yatra: Varanasi. Today’s last day of Congress’s national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s Ganga Yatra. Priyanka reached Ramnagar from Chanar in Mirzapur. BJP workers were beaten by the Congress workers by shouting Modi’s slogans. Priyanka Gandhi has landed in the boat from Ramnagar to eighty Ghat. The Voyagers at the eighty Ghats are […]