Imran Khan chair in danger

Imran Khan’s chair may fall in danger

Imran Khan chair in danger: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s chair may be in danger. A petition has been filed against them in the Lahore High Court, in which the demand for Pakistan PM Imran Khan to be disqualified has been sought. In this petition, Imran Khan has been accused of not being “honest and […]


Pak said – action will be taken on solid evidence; India’s response – the government there is in contact with the head of the Jaish

Pakistan said we will take action on the Pulwama attack, but after seeing the dossier sent by India, Pak’s permanent representative in the United Nations, Malihha Lodhi said on Tuesday that India has sent a dossier, which we are looking at. Only if we get some concrete, we will take action. At the same time, […]