bjp bihar candidate list 2019

Bihar’s Patna Sahib cut the ticket of Shatrughan, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad will be replaced by him.

BJP bihar candidate list 2019: The NDA announced on Saturday that 39 candidates of the coalition will contest the Lok Sabha seats in Bihar. The announcement of the LPP candidate from Khagaria seat will be done later. The ticket of current MP Shatrughan Sinha has been cut from Patna Sahib seat. Union Minister Ravi Shankar […]

up news

UP news 120 kg gold recovered from car in ghaziabad

Up news : Police arrested 109 kg gold from a van during a checking in Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh on Friday morning. It is being reported in the market about Rs 40 crores. Since the implementation of the Code of Conduct of Lok Sabha elections, the police are running a campaign to check suspicious vehicles. up […]


Denmark / MP brought 5 month old daughter to her chamber, the speaker ordered to leave the parliament

Denmark: Governments give many opportunities to support small children worldwide. But there was a strange situation in a developed country like Denmark. MP Matte Abildgaard came to his Chamber of Parliament on his 5-month-old daughter. Speaker Pia Jersgard was angry on this. He heard the order to go out of the parliament. This speaker’s order […]

Priyanka gandhi Ganga Yatra

Ganga Yatra / Priyanka Kashi reached, Modi workers shouting slogans Congress workers beaten by Congressmen

Priyanka gandhi Ganga Yatra: Varanasi. Today’s last day of Congress’s national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s Ganga Yatra. Priyanka reached Ramnagar from Chanar in Mirzapur. BJP workers were beaten by the Congress workers by shouting Modi’s slogans. Priyanka Gandhi has landed in the boat from Ramnagar to eighty Ghat. The Voyagers at the eighty Ghats are […]

Surjewala says

Congress’s big attack, Surjewala says – Modi Baba and team of 40 thieves looted the country

Surjewala says: Referring to the Ramayana, Surjewala alleged that the antiquities trafficking has been changing since the ancient era of looting and kidnapping, and presently Ali Baba ie Modi Baba and a group of 40 thieves, nowadays by putting a watchman in front of his name Is roaming around Congress has targeted the BJP’s ‘Watchmen’ […]