Rahul gandhi speech from gujarat

Targeting Rahul Gandhi’s PM Modi from Gujarat – We caught Masood Azhar, you left

Rahul gandhi speech from gujarat: After meeting Congress Working Committee in Gujarat, party president Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in Gandhinagar. During this, Rahul Gandhi has made a huge contribution to the Modi government on the issue of farmers, jawans, judiciary and employment. Rahul, referring to the Pulwama attack, said that the terrorists responsible for the attack were caught by the Congress government, but the BJP government sent Masood Azhar to the airplane and sent to Pakistan.

While attacking the Modi government, Rahul said, “There is a fight for two ideologies- one is from Mahatma Gandhi and the other powers have been weakening the country. You see that for the first time in history four judges of the Supreme Court go to the press and say that we are not being allowed to work and immediately after that the judge takes the name of Loya ji. Generally the public goes to the Supreme Court for justice, but the judges of the Supreme Court in today’s India ask for justice before the public. Attack on institutions of Hindustan is in progress. People are being divided, hatred is being spread and the government does not talk about the true issues. ‘(Rahul gandhi speech from gujarat)

Big issue to farmers and unemployment

Rahul said, “The biggest issue in front of Hindustan is unemployment. Today is more than 45 years of unemployment. Modiji talks about make in India and startup india but the truth is that the youth of India is wandering in search of employment in different states. The second issue is of the farmers- we talked about farmers in Gujarat elections and the farmers gave us their full cooperation in Gujarat. Narendra Modi forgives the debt of 15 lakh rupees for 3.5 lakh crore but does not forgive the farmers ‘debt, and in contrast, Arun Jaitley says that forgiving the farmers’ debt is not our policy.

15 benefits of rich people in crop insurance

Congress president Rahul Gandhi further said, “The farmers give money for the insurance, but when the loss comes, the money in the money of 15 wealthy goes. We promised debt waiver in three states and did not take 10 days, forgot the debts of the farmers within just two days. I am sorry that the farmers of Gujarat could not forgive the debt, but I know that you also need it.

Referring to the Rafael issue, Rahul Gandhi once said to the forum that ‘the watchman’, the voice started coming out of the public – ‘thief is there’. Rahul said, “In 2014 elections, Modiji had said that make a watchman, PM not Look, I spoke the word of the janitor and the people are speaking thieves. From every stage, Modi talks about patriotism I admire the Air Force, but do not tell the country why did it put PM Modi in Anil Ambani’s pocket by stealing 30,000 crores from the pocket of AF.

‘We caught Masood Azhar, you left’ (Rahul gandhi speech from gujarat)

Referring to the Pulwama attack, Rahul said, ‘Masood Azhar attacked in Pulwama. I want to ask Modiji that who sent Masood Azhar to Pakistan? The BJP government sent it in a special airplane and sent it by giving the country money Ajit Doval also went to Pakistan as an escort in the airplane. You talk about patriotism We had caught Masood Azhar but you left On the day the battle against Pakistan was fought, Modiji made the country’s five airports in the name of his friend.

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