I also watchman

Tea in the ‘I also watchman’ cup in the shatabdi train, after the dispute, the Railways took action on the contractor

The Lok Sabha election of 2019 has stopped going from the tea to the watchman. When Congress President Rahul Gandhi gave a slogan to ‘Watchman Chor Hai’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reversed the slogan ‘I also shot the watchman’. Now this slogan was written on the cup of tea when a controversy came up. On the cup of tea in the Railways, the ‘I also  watchman’ slogan started.

In fact, passengers were given tea in ‘I also  watchman’ cup in Kathgodam Shatabdi Express. A man complained about it. After this, the Railways withdrew the cup. Although the Election Commission is silent on this, but according to sources, the commission says that it is not to take this cup from any political party. This is a cup linked to the Resolution Resolution.

At the same time, the Railways have taken action in the matter. A statement issued by the Railway said that it happened today, but the cup was immediately removed. Strict action is being taken against the contractor. Apart from this, action against the supervisor is also being taken.

Notice about PM Modi’s picture on tickets

Earlier, the Election Commission had issued notices to the Ministry of Railways and Aviation regarding the use of photograph of PM Narendra Modi on aircraft and train tickets. In this notice issued on March 27, the Election Commission has said in a tone that why even after the implementation of Model Code of Conduct, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture was not removed from boarding pass by rail tickets and Air India. Both the ministries have been asked to file an answer in three days.

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