Modi in greater noida

Terror Masters realized that this is a new India, they will respond in their own language: PM Modi

Modi in greater noida: After the Pulwama terror attack, PM Narendra Modi on Friday targeted the people who sought evidence of Indian Air Strike in Balakot, Pakistan. The PM also attacked the ‘Piece Gang’ in a series of attacks on Pakistan and terror. The PM said that at the time Pakistan was troubled by the Indian Air Strike, people of ‘Piece Gangs’ were discussing what it is Balakot? He said that once the Pakistan was saying ‘Modi killed’ then the questions were being asked here.

PM attack on ‘Piece Gang’

Attacking the opposition parties, the Prime Minister said, “Today the enemies of the country are getting strength from the language people are saying themselves as big leaders within the country. The questions are being questioned on the strength of the country’s jawans and there is a lot of noise in the neighborhood. The move of the piece of gang is such that Pakistan was troubled after the air strikes, but these people were only discussing whether it is Balakot of India or Pakistan’s Balakot? Do not trust the words of such people. ‘

‘Pakistan responded in his own language’

Addressing a rally here, PM Modi said that for the first time in 2016 our government has responded to the terror masters in that language, in which he understands. The PM said, “After Uri, we had a surgical strike, these people were demanding evidence. Now the Pulwama attack. The work done by the heroes of India has not been done for decades. Our heroes have killed the terrorists in the house. The terrorists did not expect such an answer from India. Pakistan had deployed the tank on the ground. We went upstairs. We were silent by doing all this, but this incident was so big that Pakistan’s sleep started at three o’clock in the night. Pakistan was so nervous that he started tweeting at 5 in the morning.

Former Government only changed Home Minister: Modi

The PM said, “The thought of India’s enemies in the enemies of the country was the reason behind the 2014 riots of the previous governments. The 26/11 incident can not be forgotten. At that time, action should be taken against terror, but the government did nothing. The army’s blood was hot at that time, but Delhi was in cold storage. This was the reason that despite the Mumbai attacks, there were several bomb blasts in the country. The former government did not change the policies, only the Home Minister changed.

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‘Noida was mentioned for first scam’ (Modi in greater noida)

The PM said, “They were also days when Noida-Greater Noida was identified for the loot of government money, land allotment scandals. Whenever it came to Noida, such stories are seen. Today, Noida-Greater Noida has been identified by the development. Noida is today being developed as a major hub of make in India. India is second in making mobile, there is noida in it. Before 2014, there were only two factories that made mobile. Today there are about 125 factories. There are a large number of factories in Noida. Apart from mobile, there are many companies of many electronic items here. They all gave employment to millions of young people. ‘

Country largest airport in jewar (Modi in greater noida)

The PM said that the jewar is going to be the largest hawk in the country. All the related procedures are being completed. This will add Noida’s air connectivity to other cities and will not need to go to Delhi. This will bring a golden opportunity for West UP. In the next few weeks, Barely will also start flying. For this, the construction of the terminal building is almost complete. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of the country will also be connected to air connectivity. ”

Ignored power sector

The PM said that an example of how former governments ignored the power sector in the country was seen yesterday. Tomorrow, the work of expansion of Panki Power Project has started in Kanpur. You must be surprised that in Panki 40-50 years old machines were being used. The condition of the machines was similar to the Congress.

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